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Elections a Risk for Malaysian Banks' Share Prices, Says Credit Suisse

Elections a Risk for Malaysian Banks' Share Prices, Says Credit Suisse
Investors in Malaysian shares often turn jittery before and right after general elections because the government wields an especially heavy hand in the economy–and controls nearly half of the companies on the benchmark stock index, either directly or …
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Apple (NASD: AAPL) Falling Share Price in Focus for CEO Cook
Apple (NASD: AAPL), which has largely been given a rubber stamp of approval on everything it has done for the past decade, has been faltering in recent months. Consumers seem to be growing wary of minor modifications on existing products, and are …
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Exploring Benford’s Law

Exploring Benford's Law

Benford’s law, sometimes called the first-digit law, states that the first digit in many types of data sets are distributed in a non-uniform way. In fact, this law says that the number 1 will appear as the first digit about 30% of the time and the number 2 will appear as the first digit about 18% of the time, whereas the number 9 will only appear first about 5% of the time. This law applies to a wide variety of data sets, such as stock prices, street addresses, census data, lengths of rivers, etc. More info at the blog post here:

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Target Q4 EPS USD1.65 vs. expectations for USD1.48

Target Q4 EPS USD1.65 vs. expectations for USD1.48
Earlier in the day, in its fourth quarter earnings report, Target said earnings per share came in at USD1.65, compared to expectations for earnings of USD1.48 per share. The company's fourth quarter revenue … All CFDs (stocks, indexes, futures) and …

Stocks rebound after Monday's declines
In the tech arena, Groupon's stock is up. Investors are waiting for fourth-quarter earnings figures from the daily deal online company. STOCKS: Get real-time quotes free with our Portfolio Tracker. Tuesday's market bounce might partially comfort …
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Lastest What Is The Gold Price News

Gold price futures up on firm global cues
Gold futures prices rose by 0.28 per cent to Rs 30,205 per 10 gm today as speculators enlarged their positions on the back of firming global trends. At the Multi Commodity Exchange, gold for delivery in June rose by Rs 84, or 0.28 per cent, to Rs 30 …
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GOLD ANALYSIS Can gold's fragile recovery take hold?
As we have pointed out before, some banks would undoubtedly come out with new assessments paring their gold price predictions – and sure enough Goldman Sachs analysts made what may prove to be an extremely ill-timed prediction that gold would slip …
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Gold prices spike overnight
The price of gold rebounded sharply last night after US Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke leapt to the defence of its unprecedented quantitative easing programme. The yellow metal jumped around 1.3 per cent to hit $ 1,614.11 an ounce in the early hours …
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Lastest Mutual Fund News

Ken Heebner Bets 21% of His Stock Fund Against Treasuries
Heebner, who turned CGM Focus into the top-performing diversified U.S. stock mutual fund for the decade ended 2007 before losing his touch in the financial crisis, is doubling down on a bet that left him trailing peers and the stock market over the …
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Wind up or stop charging, Sebi tells mutual fund laggards
While Sebi cannot direct AMCs to vary their charges according to a scheme's performance, it can amend MF regulations to cap the fund management charge at a certain level, or scrap it altogether. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint …
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Top 10 mutual fund houses bag 78% equity assets in 2012, HDFC MF leads
Size still matters in the mutual fund management industry. At a time when most investors were redeeming their equity investments, the country's top 10 mutual fund houses managed to collect nearly 78% of the equity assets, added in the past one year.
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Stocks surge as Dow sets fresh 5-year high

Stocks surge as Dow sets fresh 5-year high
The back-to-back triple-digit gains mark a new bull market high. It also erases Monday's 216-point loss, which was sparked by renewed political fears in Europe. The powerful blue-chip stock rebound puts on hold — at least for now — any talk of a …
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Do European Stock Markets Predict European Elections?
But we nevertheless found compelling evidence that voters in Europe, like those in the U.S., appear to unconsciously credit or blame the national leader for their collective mood, as reflected by their country's stock market. In other words, when the …
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Wall Street rebounds on Bernanke comments, data
"When it came to U.S. markets, we saw some of that bleeding stop because our focus shifted from the Italian political circus to Ben Bernanke." Gains in homebuilders and other consumer stocks, following strong economic data, lifted the S&P 500, and a 5 …
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Canadian stock market rises on Fed's defense of monetary stimulus
TORONTO, Feb. 27 (Xinhua) — The Canadian stock market ended higher on Wednesday as Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke continued to defend the U.S. central bank's monetary stimulus, easing global financial markets' worries over an early …
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Silver Price Manipulation: JP Morgan -v- Bunker Hunt Lateline Business – Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 25/05/2011 – Reporter: Phillip Lasker Australia’s leading television broadcaster has compared JP Morgan as silver price manipulators similar to Bunker Hunt in the late 1970’s, with one major difference. JP Morgan has a concentrated short position to drive the silver price lower. Bullionmark CEO, Mark van der Sluys, who was interviewed by the Lateline Business program believes the silver price is manipulated lower to maintain confidence in paper currency in particular the US dollar. “It is well understood that interest rate markets are manipulated through Quantitative Easing and currencies are managed through market interventions, so why is it such a shock that large investment banks are managing silver prices lower to support broader central bank and government policy?” When asked about the recent sell off in the silver price, van der Sluys suggests “that the silver fundamentals remain strong and precious metals are the ultimate hedge against Government and Central bank incompetency. Gold and Silver should be part of every investment portfolio.”
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UPDATE: 9/23/11, 7:25 EST – A couple of posts this afternoon on ZeroHedge helps to (partially) explain the pullback in gold (and silver) prices. Seems the CME has jacked the margin requirements by 21% for gold and 16% for silver. Rumor has it that news of the impending margin hikes leaked. Links below! Case Closed: CME Hikes Gold, Silver, Copper Margins also: Gold Liquidations Open Thread The recent pullback in the price of gold and silver is indicative of deflationary pressures on all asset classes. It’s not unexpected, and further pullback in prices should be expected, as the worldwide debt crises plays-out. If you have a long-term perspective, you won’t let these price pull-backs shake you out of your positions in precious metals. I believe that once the debt crisis moves into full bloom, the money masters and politicians will attempt to truly flood the world with paper in a vein attempt to prevent the debt collapse. It will be during this phase of the big game that your gold and silver will dramatically increase in value relative to fiat currencies.
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