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Business Digest | Stock market gains push up oil price again

Business Digest | Stock market gains push up oil price again
The price of oil rose above $ 97 a barrel Thursday for the first time in five weeks, boosted by gains in U.S. stock markets and more signs of a strengthening economy. Benchmark oil for May delivery gained 65 cents to close at $ 97.23 a barrel on the New …
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Our Outlook for the Stock Market
With its recent rally, the stock market is now trading just below fair value, with stocks under Morningstar coverage trading at 97% of fair value, using a market-capitalization-weighted average. This is quite a bit higher than last quarter, when our …

Asian Stock Markets Gain After Dow Jones, S&P Hit All Time High
Asian stock markets mostly advanced on a day of relatively light trading on Good Friday, a trading holiday for many stock markets around the globe, as investor sentiment was buoyed after the S&P 500 posted a new record-closing high on Thursday.
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Keeping stock market milestones in perspective
The good news is the U.S. stock market reached a new high this week, which means anyone who bought in at the top in October 2007 is finally back in positive territory. That's one sad way of looking at it. But, as Morningstar's Don Phillips sees it …
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Still at a Trot, This Bull May Have Farther to Go
He noted, for instance, that investors were not overextending themselves by betting on the riskiest segments of the stock market. Household finances are improving. And the ratio of debt payments to disposable personal income is about as low as it has …
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Wayward Dugan's NRL career in tatters
Believed to be just days away from signing with the Broncos – with speculation he could even play against Gold Coast on Friday night – the 22-year-old again took to the photo-sharing website late Saturday night with a verbal tirade that included an …
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Rittal launches partner program in Australia
Rittal most recently signed on WhiteGold Solutions as its first distribution partner, which Roberts said will be key in driving the partner program for the company. “We've traditionally had a direct sales model but one of the things we're looking to do …
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Silver Miners, Gold Miners and the Price Of Gold
The focus of this report is show you where the price of gold, silver and miner stocks are currently trading and what to lookout for in the coming days/weeks. Below is a chart of gold but silver has a similar pattern and will follow or should I say lead …
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Gold price: Titans place their bets
"It could actually mean that the gold price is about to rise strongly “as they must buy back these positions”, the seller argues. So runs the logic among those with a tendency to dangle every piece of news, good or bad, in front of would-be customers …

How Much Further Can Gold Prices Go?
Sinclair's is one of many models we could use in order to predict the gold price. Here at The Real Asset Company we're not all that into predicting anything, after all it's what the government does and look at how wrong they get it. But, Sinclair's …
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Don't Get Too Excited about the US Probe of Gold Price Manipulation
Yesterday, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the regulator who ostensibly regulates the banks and major financial institutions who participate in the futures and commodities trading business, announced they were going to examine whether prices …
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The Problem With Buying Gold And Silver Proof Coins In Your IRA
For many, they are shocked at the low value of their account, not because of the recent pullback, but because they made one simple mistake, they listened to someone who told them to buy Proof American Eagle gold or silver coins. When one opens a …
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