High Face Value Silver Coins offer a Deflation “Stop Loss” (And new camera)

High Face Value Silver Coins offer a Deflation

Certain foreign silver coins offer attractive face value denominations which could act as a stop loss to a radically depressed silver price in the unlikely e…
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4 thoughts on “High Face Value Silver Coins offer a Deflation “Stop Loss” (And new camera)

  1. CuteCatFaith

    I regret not choosing numismatics as a childhood hobby — I know very little about coins. Assayed gold buillion purchased little by little longterm has been a winner for 30 years for me, and silver, again, in assayed ingots, just for fun because I like it, not bad. I buy nice PM antiques for collectors — they tend to be very inexpensive in France. They’re pretty and useful & made of silver, gold, copper & so on. Easy to pack and ship anywhere. I love flea markets!

  2. CuteCatFaith

    I feel almost like a traitor — I’ve enjoyed buying some physical PMs since the early ’80s, but warn people to limit their positions to 10% maximum of their portfolios & to do the “boring basics” of a personal financial plan first — and I’ve done really well in European stocks in the past year. Metals are commodities, however, and we’re still in a big commodities bull run — especially here in Europe, whose impending demise has been greatly exaggerated.

  3. Raycheetah

    Very interesting video. To some extent, this could drive a purchaser to buy Canadian Silver Maples ($5 FV) vs. US Eagles ($1 FV).

    I have a 5 million Mark note from Weimar Germany, as well as one of those old Ruble notes. I bought ’em as a kid, back in the ’70s at my favorite old coin shop. Neat to see ’em show up on YouTube. =^[.]^=


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