Shares may end up with a sharp sell-off


strong month on Wall Street ended Friday at a weak note after a late day sell-off of shares sent more than 1%.

Dow Jones industrial average is dropped 209 points, or 1.3%, with most sales in the last hour of trading. S & P 500 fell 1.4% and “nofollow “ Nasdaq slipped 1%.

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This is the first time, the Dow ended higher since May 2009, and marks the sixth monthly increase in the index. So far this year, are the leading indicators to about 16%.

Hewlett-Packard ( Fortune 500 ) also gains of double-digit percentage range.

The major laggards were flowed as investors earlier this year because they pay dividends. Verizon Telecom ( t
Fortune-500 ) Dow were the worst in this month, with consumer staples McDonalds ( Fortune-500 ) Coca-Cola ( Fortune-500 ) .

The scramble for shelter investments also affected the “nofollow” Market Bond . Yields on 10-year Treasury note , investors were encouraged by a robust housing market and sign consumer more and more self-confidence.

index of consumer sentiment rose in May to its highest level in almost six years. The final reading of the Reuters / University of Michigan Index showed that consumers are more optimistic about the economy.

But a separate report showed on Friday that Related: The popularity of the dividend can more

Meanwhile, the index of purchasing managers in Chicago rebounded in April, reaching the highest level since March 2012.

“In recent years, we saw the economy slow down a bit in the spring, but we have not seen it on the same level this year,” said Joel Huffman, Managing Director at The Private Client Reserve of U.S. Bank in Milwaukee. “This has helped the market.”

Huffman added that stocks could continue to move more than corporate profits grow with the economy. But he acknowledged that the market remains vulnerable to a correction, because the stocks have been run this year.

“Corporate profits were positive, but the share price rose to more profit,” he said. “A correction of 5% to 10% is certainly within reason.”

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) shares rose after the media company said sales jumped 71% over the previous year, supported by teen-oriented franchise and “Twilight” .


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European markets has a clothes dryer, but at the end away from decreased the depths of the day., the London Stock Exchange by almost 1%, while the indices in Germany and France had fewer losses.

The unemployment rate in the region of the ailing euro zone hit a Asian markets ended the week with mixed results. Nikkei Search of 1.4% and rebounded sharply on Thursday due to concerns of the assembly plan for economic recovery.  Top 0