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Stocks: Rocky end of the quarter



the second quarter with three victories registration between 2% and 5% indices wrapped, despite 1 June difficult.

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It was not passed out in June, but maybe in June Jitterbug? The Dow swung more than 100 points on 15 of 20 trading days this month.

: Winning on Wall Street are the dogs yesterday

The Fed fears Type: Fed officials have control mode serious of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke had started turmoil in equity, bond and gold markets last week. He said that the central bank could gradually reduce its stimulus program more later this year if the economy continues to improve.

Fed governor Related: Fed officials into damage control mode

At the same time, he said that investors were overreacting, but do not seem to make a dent in the feeling.

The Dow Jones industrial average plunged 114 points or 0.8% on Friday. S & P 500 lost 0.4%. Only Nasdaq gained ground, easily moving positively.

The three indexes ended the week higher.

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Richmond Fed President Lacker Jeremy said that the Fed continues bonds, “albeit at a decreasing rate buy in the next year”

Bond , carnage gold. The mere mention of an end to the purchase of bonds last sent bond investors scrambling exits The good performance of 10 years. Treasury reached 2.65% at the beginning of this week – the highest level since August 2011 and well above 1.6% in early May hovered around 1.5% at the end result. of trading on Friday.

gold Prices and slammed. Gold rose 1% on Friday, but the precious metal slid 13% this month.

As volatility increased in June, while the CBOE Volatility Index ( VIX ) . VIX rose by 4% month, and 37% for the quarter. Anxiety

and CNNMoney The avidity index a wild quarter was. A month ago he was in greed and even in extreme greed in mid-May pushed, but as soon as Bernanke suggested the taper needle

quickly turned to extreme fear. Related: Fear & Greed index slips back into extreme anxiety

BlackBerry Bombs: Embattled mobile companies BlackBerry ( Friday below forecasts. Analysts shares plunged 25%

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