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Investors say good riddance to August


Is it September yet?

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Jones industrial average and S & P 500 lost between 3% and 4.5% this month. But they are still between 13% and 15% for the year.

The Nasdaq has fared better in August from only 1%. The tech-heavy index gained nearly 19% since the beginning.

speculation that the Federal Reserve could reduce or conical, has its monthly purchases of bonds from September investors nervous.

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August was painful outside the United States also – and especially for the emerging markets. Sensex India and Mexico Bolsa both lost nearly 4% in August, Brazil’s Bovespa index almost 4% moved but the trade was extremely volatile. speak Fed rejuvenated has encouraged foreign investors Shenzhen index (such as the Nasdaq China) increased by almost 6%.

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The three U.S. equity indices closed lower Friday and ended the week by almost 2%.

volume was light all week, which is typical for the end of August. U.S. markets will be closed Monday for Labor Day.

Investors kept a close eye on the Middle East. The danger of a U.S. military strike against Syria dominated the headlines earlier this week, stocks pushed lower and oil and gold later.

Actions Syria seems not imminent, but investors are monitoring the situation. Friday afternoon, President Obama , said the United States is considering a number of options.

What moves: ( CRM ) Actions after the cloud software company made posted better than expected quarterly sales and earnings Thursday afternoon.

Most traders StockTwits were happy on the right side of the bet Salesforce, ie not short shares to be.

investor mosaic Very glad that my rule is never short circuit $ CRM is forever. Despite this incredibly high rating.

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Salesforce rises, but Ellison wins

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shares of energy producers Apache ( Fortune-500 ) rose after the announcement, he was $ APA surprises analysts with impressive prices in the sale of assets Egypt

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