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Dow falls 128 points ghosts Washington shares


investors do not want to wait and see if the legislature did not reach an agreement to avoid a government Shutdown midnight . You just sold.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell more than 128 points, or nearly 1% on Monday. S & P 500 and There are ups only two weeks. All three indexes rose in the quarter, led by Nasdaq , which has increased by 11%.

But some strategists predict that stocks could fall further if the government closes shop – even if it is only a short break

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Citigroup analyst Tobias Levkovich said the “fierce debate in Washington,” coupled with slower economic growth was the S & P 500 in 1600 to press, a decrease of more than 5% of the current level.

also expect Levkovitch and some other analysts that companies reduce their profit forecasts in 2014 when they report third-quarter earnings in the coming weeks. This could be another wake-up call for investors bullish despite some had big risks in the course of the year.

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The closure is not the only thing in Washington that investors are concerned. Inventories withdrew that the United States meets near the debt ceiling ., if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling, the U.S. government will not be able to pay all their bills later this month.

Fear and volatility tip: The volatility index of the Chicago Board Options Exchange ( CNNMoney and avidity index away in fear mode and approximate levels of extreme anxiety. The index was flat only there one week.

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What moves: shares apple ( Fortune-500 ) fell more than 1%, as investors awaited details of the lunch CEO Tim Cook reported with activist investor Carl Icahn. Traders do not hold hope for good news though .

$ AAPL AAPL .. when traders really thought it would be fireworks when they meet for lunch “in the know”, many more calls are trading, “writes commentator StockTwits JC Penney ( Offer . shares are near lows since the end of 2000 does not affect trade. Traders do not have a gloomy outlook for the company.

$ JCP IMHO if T4 is not all good, would def $ JCP done. Although the fourth quarter were good, they will continue to fight for a long time, “ David Einhorn said he bet against the stock, and some traders continue to vote with Unicorn – despite the rally Chipotle.

$ CMG to a multiple of 40 times earnings, this Manufacturer burrito is, to a considerable decline, “commented contrarianspeculator . “Waiting for Unicorn to pounce on her again.”

$ CMG there is more reach $ sees this as a short epic that even a warm long … Do not worry about before, “ river said.

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government shutdown fears hit global markets: European markets and Free Trade zone in Shanghai on Sunday, experience in the promotion of trade and increased foreign investment in China.  Top 0


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Wells Fargo is a good thing if you are bullish on the housing

Wells Fargo was the first bank real estate loans .

(Money Magazine)

Five years after the financial crisis “at home” is not a dirty word in most banks. This represents Wells Fargo ( Fortune-500 ) in an interesting position.

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Refis% in applications

< td class = “txtrgt1TBL”> 72%
Q3 2012 Q4 2012 Q1 2013 Q2 2013
72% 65% 54%
Source: Wells Fargo

Housing heavyweight

House prices have risen by more than 10% this year, and many signs point to a sustained recovery. Manufacturers are hiring more workers, the sales of foreclosures down, and stocks were closely Market Southern California in Washington, DC

“[Wells] has much to gain housing recovery,” Morningstar analyst James Sinegal said he comes from more than 22% of mortgages -. Doubling the second largest lender His record returned to batch-offs, or loans Wells judge must balance .. Losses are at their lowest level since 2006.

: Will we be 5% mortgage


increased the dividend by 20% in April to $ 1.20, and Edward Jones analyst Shannon Stemm provides for the payment of 7 % growth per year in 2018.

redid taken rate hike

After falling to historically low levels, interest rates rise, as investors expect a higher growth because the Fed is signaling the economic recovery expense, a bond-buying program known as slow down the name of quantitative easing.

How to prepare for a rise in interest rates

The back. the coin is that Wells loses much of its mortgage originations. When the economy grows, the more home sales is something lost revenue of this refinancing, but Mutascio analyst Christopher Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, believes that it does not fill the gap for Wells.

fondness for Wall Street

Another part of the increasingly more important to increase the success of Wells Fargo Asset Management business in the second quarter of 2013, net income from money management by 27% by 2012 compared to the stock market performance .. – S & P 500 ( Related: Wells Fargo dismiss 2,300 employees

With a P / E of 11 based on 2014 expected results ratio, shares of Wells are a little cheaper than stocks of other banks, but it has more riding on the performance of both real estate and Wall Street. This makes a purchase Wells Fargo only for bulls. Top

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