GTA 5: Ultimate Stock Market Guide (Millions Per Mission) Insane Method

GTA 5: Ultimate Stock Market Guide (Millions Per Mission) Insane Method

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A lecture on the very Basics of how to start thinking about and trading the market.

38 thoughts on “GTA 5: Ultimate Stock Market Guide (Millions Per Mission) Insane Method

  1. Sam Goeppner

    if u are smart. After you do the first mission if you continually save the
    game, time passes by and the return percentage goes up alot. right after I
    did the mission when i sold my stock i was making 30% profit from what i
    invested. A couple saves later i was making 81% profit. DAMN SON!

  2. Elton Cassar

    On the Multi Assassination I invester 38M in Deb, a few minutes after I did
    the Vice Assassination but didn’t invest in Fruit cause I don’t have online
    on my 360, then did the Bus Assassination and didn’t invest neighter, then
    I did the Construction Assassination, invested like 55M or so… a few
    minutes after I sold it and got like 78-79M per each character… how did
    you do it to have 1.4B? O.O

  3. Brian Gruettner

    BAWSAQ is very interesting. If you look at it on Social Club, you can see
    PS3&XBOX versions and how they vary. H&L high is around $38, so i suggest
    any time its under $5, invest everything you have and sell when its high.

  4. chaosmode305

    bro don’t do assassination mission be4 ending game cuz at the end you get
    over 30-40mil if your smart on the last bank robbery, so if you do
    assassination mission with 40mil you get most of the time 60-80% profits
    everytime ;3 i got 500mil on each character this way hehe

  5. 1017LTDUB

    you should wait to the end of the storyline to do the mission for
    Lester..its possible to get up to 1.5 billion dollars from investing in
    stock wants you receive your money from the gold heist then do Lester’s
    missions..Plus dont sell stock right after the mission because the stock
    percentage can raise up to 80% or even 300% when kill the guys for
    Debonaire then invest in Redwood after..get up to 200 million just from
    that 😉

  6. Reblox

    Well maybe he doesn’t know who the fuck he is and decided his subscribers
    needed to know. Not everyone knows every YouTuber.

  7. lolsokje

    I saved all assassination missions (apart from the hotel assassination
    mission) till the last. From the final heist I got 38 million dollar for
    each character, and after the assassination missions I have 1,7 billion
    dollar for all three. Have to say I’m quite happy with that 🙂

  8. bumblebee2415

    Listen to Lester’s phone calls – he will tell you which companies serve as
    getting bumps

  9. PlayDohz06

    A tip for everyone, don’t go with Mutual. My fatehr lost everything with
    that becasue the dickwad in control of his 100k didn’t put it into gold
    like he was supposed to. My father could have had 400k but because of the
    guy in control of his money, he has nothing, and has to work every day at
    65 just to get by.

  10. naggipainting

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  11. Julio Giron

    This video was more of a motivational video on stocks. I want to know what
    the P/E is for? What is the BETA for? How can I do a simulation test using
    no money? What is a PEG calculator and how do I use it? I don’t have
    $100,000. I have $100.00 and would like to parlay it. Not over night of
    course but in about a year. There are a lot of tools on google finance and
    yahoo finance, how do I use them? All I’m saying is that I would like
    better information not more of the rehashed information that’s

  12. Rakesh Patel

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  13. 228mimics

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  14. Wak N

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