Gold & Silver & Sunshine

Oasis Tells You About How They Recorded All Their Songs For “Dig Out Your Soul” Narrated By Noel, Liam, Gem & Andy Oasis (c) Big Brother Recordings 2008.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Recent gold and silver buys I made over the last 4 – 5 weeks. Poseidon, High Relief kook, junk silver, Pandas, 2 oz silver year of the horse, fractional Euro…

50 thoughts on “Gold & Silver & Sunshine

  1. Tony Walker Acoustic Covers

    Dig Out Your Soul is an abortion. It’s terrible. I wanted to like it very
    badly but there is not one good song on it. Love Oasis but they got worse
    as they went on. Still one of the greatest ever.

  2. paintballing489

    During the parts where there just jamming individually, I swear i can hear
    tiny parts of Beady eye and High flying birds.

  3. Im Solo

    A few of Songs Noel’s written which have stolen bits: Supersonic
    Shakermaker Cigarettes and alcohol Hello Dont look back in anger the hindu
    times Waiting for the rapture Whatever Step out Just to name a few…

  4. Jacob Masters

    Around 15:00 has got to be the best bit! Seeing the brothers playing
    together is just amazing x

  5. marwood03 .

    What a good fucking album this is, love it, in my opinion they bowed out on
    top with this (underrated) album,

  6. Space Is A Lie

    that jam that liam and andy have got on at the end is SICK want that on the
    new beady eye album

  7. Nishant Mehrotra

    to be fair the doors took it from blue’s guitarists many years before them.
    everything is a remix. these guys are musical jedi knights

  8. BigstackMcgee

    Truly excellent pickups. “my butt still hurts”…lol! that 2oz lunar is
    something else. Thanks for the show!

  9. Closet Stacker

    Congratulations on the position you and your wife have got yourselves in.
    That is an extremely healthy one! And must be a HUGE weight off your
    shoulders. Fantastic coins. You lucky man scoring a Posiden Coin. I have a
    few of those 2oz Lunar series coins, I try and get 1 for every year. I
    think the 2oz is a nice shape and size and you can really take in the
    picture on the coin. the 2oz year of the dragon gold coin though.. That is
    Mind Blowing!!!!
    I bow down to you sir!

  10. geggs1

    Always a treat when Mr gogi shows up in My Subscription video list.
    Spectacular display and very inspiring as always. P.s. If it makes you feel
    any better, I paid $2037 CAD for my 1oz 2012 Dragon. I still say, its worth
    every cent, cheers.

  11. silverhair norse

    Beautiful and very nice coins. Those Helvetia – i’m sold. Love the U.S.
    Gold Eagle too! 

  12. Silver Slacker

    Holy crap! Very impressive adds for such a short period of time. That 2 oz
    gold dragon is stunning. Thanks for sharing. 

  13. Midas Mulligan

    Great pickups buddy…. it seems you’re getting more variety in your
    stack.. back in your first full stack vid you had mostly eagles and
    buffaloes it seemed.

    I always look forward to your vids.. great job doing the housing
    (from your other comment below) It’s funny how people have a hard time
    believing that achieving this kind of financial independence is possible.
    Many don’t understand how much hard work it is. I’m at the beginning of the
    journey with my wife and know how far we still have to go!

    Good for you.. keep it up and God Bless

  14. CyberCurtainTwitcher

    Some awesome additions there! I love that european gold & of course the
    Libertads are one of my silver favorites.

  15. Bobby Bullion

    Great pickups for the month man . Love the golden dragon, sometimes you
    really got to step up to the plate and pay a lot to get something you love.
    The kook is beautiful also ,the thickness is spectacular. You have really
    been an inspiration to me , how aggressive you are when you want something
    . Keep up the great vids.


    Great haul. how does that 2 Oz feel in the hand 😉 im hoping to get the 2
    Oz goat next year. wee shall see :)

  17. Scott Segal

    Another awesome video, I really enjoy these. It’s amazing how beautiful the
    Libertad’s are and how they are packaged like shit. Also, sorry APMEX
    ripped your ass.


    wondering, what do you do for a living? You don’t have to be specific….
    just in general, what’s your job. Maybe one day we can reach the same level
    of income. Thank you for your time and your AWESOME videos…. cheers.

  19. jackieatl

    Gogi, did I miss some video or what the hell was that on the left, top side
    of the table? Awesome pick-ups!

  20. Aaron Beachy

    Nice vid! I love your approach to stacking. Lots of variety, keeps it
    exiting. Do you buy frequently off eBay? If so how do you approach it/find
    the deals? Thanks! 

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