Do not buy gold

Why I don’t think you should buy gold or silver.

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  1. Chad M

    investors always look for the neglected investment like say agriculture or
    the mining sector. mining is already well on it’s way up. but you cannot
    hold the price down forever. It’s impossible because they have to buy it
    from the open market to fill orders. how long do you think they can print
    to do that? the market will dry up before we run out of trees. and yeah if
    you are prepping, buy what you need of course… that’s common sense. and
    yeah PM’s are highly undervalued. demmand will be gold for people that are
    looking to trade. what if i sell bananas and you sell condoms and you don’t
    want any bananas because you have some, how you going to conduct business
    with the guy needing the condoms? the emergency part of it is temporary.
    Business be back in full swing 6 months

  2. jnnycliff

    yep you are right, i agree with you, all thump down should learn more, if
    you trader or hold for short turm, but playijg with gold is dangerious now.
    Silver market already scare the S out of me.

  3. md0206

    I think the people who bought gold 10 years ago, aswell as silver, would
    indeed think you are very stupid. Buying gold now, is a risk but it could
    go up higher then the speed it will drop, that makes gold a wise
    investment. Even smarter would be to buy silver while the price is still
    low a gram.

  4. catdoc541

    @hellile100 You know what they say about assuming… It’s ok though, do as
    you think is best!

  5. catdoc541

    Actually many people buy Cat Swag, it is a huge profit center for Cat. It
    is like saying anyone who wears a Nike hat must be an athlete. Further,
    your assumption that a Cat operator can’t be intelligent or have a valid
    opinion on financial matters is presumptuous.

  6. GeoRock T.

    Great vids bro. Keep up the great work. I sold my stuff before gold popped
    three days ago. I still have some silver but im thankful that i sold while
    gold was high.

  7. Hugh O'Carroll

    You seem like a nice guy. I’m not sure if you are familiar with the actual
    concept of ‘money’ as a functional store of wealth and why it is necessary
    for advanced societies? Gold & Silver always have always been monetary
    metals, stores of wealth. What if you had a lifetime of savings in dollars
    and wanted to preserve that wealth for your kids? The world is heading back
    to a gold standard in some form. I suggest you read your economic history.
    Not trying to be patronizing, just saying 🙂

  8. catdoc541

    @1newdennis I have watched gold go up. Have not and will not by any.
    Focusing on supplies instead of trying to invest in gold when I don’t have
    wealth to invest.

  9. Mystery Babylon Finally Revealed

    The dollar will die i wrote a book called Mystery Babylon Finally Revealed
    and I predicted the “Occupy Wallstreet” protest. Jeremiah 51:14 I will
    fill(occupy) you with swarms of men as with swarms of locusts. What it all
    goes down there wont be gas or very little to fuel any generator. I do know
    that when God led the children of Israel out of Egypt God told them to get
    the gold. They borrowed the gold then went into the desert and God gave
    them water from the rock. Isaiah 48:20

  10. md0206

    @ezra106 Buying gold might still be a very wise choice, considering the
    turbulent times and the 12 year steady rise. This video is complete
    bullshit. People who bought gold 10 years ago have now encreased their
    assets with more then 500 procent. Are you retarded ? lol not even to speak
    of silver and it’s climb.

  11. Keithy Pops

    Buy food …. you cant eat gold … seeds, grains, flour, things you can
    trade will be much more valuable than any metal would be during a crisis.

  12. MORE Realty Services LLC

    What’s to know about the “gold” standard (especially since there is none),
    his message is clear, UNLESS YOU HAVE A PILE OF CASH … he prefaced his
    statement, in other words (just for us hicks that don’t understand none of
    that thar sophistimicated financial stuff) if you are the average Joe/Jill
    that isn’t floating around liquid buy necessities and don’t worry about
    gold and silver. You can have a mountain of gold, but if you can’t find a
    hill of beans to buy the gold is worthless, buy beans.

  13. islandbee

    There is a lot of truth to this video if one or a group were to stay put in
    one area. There is value to stockpile on items that you forecast that you
    will have use for in the future and will not spoil. The other side of the
    coin is that you may be displaced for some reason and need the liquidity of
    money to get you by. The uploader mentions having 6 generators and 100
    gallons of gas on hand. For me diversification is the key. I would much
    rather have 1 generator w/ gas and 5 troy oz of gold

  14. fliptthescript

    if you guys think gold and silver is so great check otu the great kiyosaki
    who backs it and ends up being a fraud Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki
    Exposed – Part 1 of 3 Investigative Report

  15. MORE Realty Services LLC

    Wow @hellile100 presumptuous … well I guess I fall into that CAT kind of
    a person since I too have a southern draw … catdoc541 You are right on
    the gold with what you are saying … as you say supply and demand. Simple
    stuff there hellile100 … let’s assume you’re the one with 100oz of gold
    and it goes to $5,000 an oz and let’s assume (since you like assuming) you
    bought in at $1500poz your net $350,000 ($3500poz). Question? How much of
    that gold can you eat when the shelves are empty? hmmm

  16. Ian Brewster

    What is with all this dooms day talk, I buy gold/silver to invest, hedge
    against inflation and have a bit of a gamble not because the worlds going
    to end. Stacking up on long life food and water is always a good idea i
    agree but what’s with all these nutters going on about trading seeds and
    gold lmao

  17. MrAppleseed88

    Bad thing about gold is you pay good money now only to trade it in some
    latter day for worthless money… Big deal if you get a lot of worthless
    money… If it cost 1 buck for a burger now, in 50 years it will be 10
    bucks… GUNs adn ammo is but far better investment. Plus look at all them
    signs on the road, We pay highest prices for gold… Meaning there are a
    lto of fucks out there cheating people now. Just think later on.

  18. islandbee

    cont. Those generators will not do any good if you do not have the ability
    to carry them with you if you were to be flooded out by a Hurricane
    Katrina, or you are trying to flee the country in search of freedom and
    liberty. 5oz of pure gold vs 1000+ lbs of generators. 5 oz of pure gold
    would much be easier on the back if one had to be mobile.

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