Lethian Dreams – White Gold

Atmospheric Doom Metal From: France Album: Season of Raven Words Year: 2012.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

In Part 2 of “White Gold” I am up against English Sparrows, Pied Starlings and Ground Squirrels. While Part 1 featured Doves shot for food (although pests th…

26 thoughts on “Lethian Dreams – White Gold

  1. Muy Gonzo

    In the late 60’s my grandmother paid me 2 cents each for killing sparrows
    with my Daisy BB gun. I spent the money on BBs, comic books, firecrackers,
    ice cream & sodas.

  2. Ramón Diez de Rivera

    What a superb shooter you are, man…
    The sparrows are delicious, when just fried in olive oil.
    I use to eat them, when i was a kid, here in Spain.
    In my childhood they where a pest.
    Not anymore.
    Now its forbidden their hunting
    I miss that taste, whith a good glass of wine.
    Without feathers and guts, you eat all of it, except the beak.
    The bones are crunchy and the skull is tastefull.

  3. Tyler N

    I enjoy your videos mate but if i may, i would like to say something: could
    you possibly show alot more scopecam shots instead of non scope views. I
    would like to see through the scope while you take shots in slow motion (i
    think other viewers would like this also and in my opinion this makes for a
    much more enjoyable viewing as each shot with scopecam are much different).
    It will be much more entertaining to see through the scope when you make
    your calculations for holdover, windage etc and state the distance,
    especially for long range shots!! Normal view is not that great, when you
    see one than all the others are pretty much the same. To be honest, try not
    to include any normal views. Regards and keep up the good hunting.

  4. sammysame

    Another young sociopath in the making

    sociopath = A person who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social

  5. Koos kinky

    Good video, Love the whole south african setting, been wanting to make my
    own channel here in limpopo Just havent had the time. Keep up the good
    videos, when im in the Cradock area again we should meet up and maybe make
    a video together 😉 Ill be your guest :P

  6. lodgeblog

    Excellent video about pest control in SA with some very good shooting.
    Thanks for putting it up; looking forward to more

  7. Jake Smalley

    Some of those birds and especially the ground squirrels are delicious. I
    hope you are eating them.

  8. IsaClar M

    can you send me the settings for the sterlock my rifle is like yours
    because the one I dowloaded is for firearms how can you set it for my
    AAs410xtra and the peletts I use is the 10.4grams jsb please

  9. skunk farm

    Some very”learn-ed” people huh?
    You better go talk to those people some more, it sounds like!

  10. stinking polecat

    the house or English sparrow is now quite rare in England the numbers have
    declined radically in the last 20 years or so

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