Silver Price Up 25% in 2 Weeks! The Silver price is up 25%!! Take a look at this bottom!! It looks like a perfect bowl, with the bottom slightly headed up…

17 thoughts on “Silver Price Up 25% in 2 Weeks!

  1. Patriot John Adams

    Lol.. Come on bro. I do much more than just read charts. I study events,
    history, supply, demand, and yes the charts sometimes. But without studying
    events, the charts are almost worthless. I am also a Mathematician who
    studied Statistics and Operations Research.

  2. Dennis Kaelin

    Hey trillion don’t forget we are at the door of WW3. Which will sky rocket
    the price even more

  3. Torrentialrx

    The price has only risen because the Nasdaq has continued to drop during
    the last few weeks, silver will fall again and again until people realize
    that trillions are being printed in US money yearly, until that great
    moment, keep buying physical, and as much as u can of it

  4. TrichsRUs

    Im not gonna chase it. Ive been buying like crazy. Now is the time to hold
    and wait. I plan to stack more paper to be ready for the next dip.

  5. MrMaineack

    I’m buying silver, someone told me Jim Rogers predicts better buying
    opportunity in 2014-15, but I think dollar cost average is the way to go.
    What are your thoughts.

  6. Aurigae888

    telling others, except the closest friends about your “investments” is a
    really bad idea at all. Its the opposite of win/win.

  7. AnotherFineDecision

    I kept telling my friends, “the price is down (18.50) buy now!” and they’d
    look at me like I was crazy, like it was going to keep going down
    forever…kinda glad not every knows about silver’s value, more for the
    rest of us

  8. Bao Babs

    My apologies, I always tip my hat to a mathematician — and a fellow silver
    enthusiast too 🙂

  9. Joe Shmoe

    I notice that the guys that were all, SILVER, SILVER, SILVER, are talking a
    bit more reserved these days and suggesting maybe gold or palladium, etc.
    They are wrong!! They need to get back to the SILVER!! SILVER!! SILVER!!
    mentality. Mining supply, recycling, are down, while demand is WAY UP,
    people need to keep up the momentum and buy SILVER. The average Joe cam’t
    make a dent in the gold market, by buying one ounce, but 50+ ounces of
    silver, for the same price, might make a dent.

  10. Bao Babs

    Buy silver for real world reasons, not because somebody reads a chart on
    YouTube like some kind of palm reader.

  11. EndTheResistance

    The silver sales volume is mind blowing considering how much was being sold
    three years ago. Something big is going to happen and a billionare buyer is
    aware of it.

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