Don’t buy gold!

Why I’m afraid to buy gold…
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16 thoughts on “Don’t buy gold!

  1. EcoWhale

    Good points, but also disclose gold will ALWAYS be worth something,
    currency, on the other hand, can become worthless such as in Zimbabwe.

  2. AustinKurpuis

    Just so you know, that man was in the navy during the gulf war fighting for
    your freedom. You are the definition of an ass-hole, he might sound crazy
    to a dumb shit like you and quit frankly he is a bit crazy, but he has some
    good points and he is 10 times the man you will ever be. At the very least
    he deserves your respect.

  3. Marygreeley1954

    There is talk of a bank holiday coming and you only getting 1/2 of what you
    have there. But I guess they are already doing that with inflation. At
    current rate of inflation a jar of mayonnaise will cost $35. in 10-15 years
    I guess that why food is a better investment. 🙂

  4. chieromancer

    If you bought gold 20 years ago, it would be worth twice as much now. Then
    you could sell it for some of those valuable federal reserve notes.

  5. captnrkr

    And that’s why you should always listen to different opinions. Good job
    pops. Now; life is about balance , if you have 3k laying around and u don’t
    really really need them , why not have a lil of both

  6. drutter

    Sorry to say but I think your critical thinking skills faded in the 70s.
    You’re low on facts and high on gibberish. Good luck anyway!

  7. drutter

    You know the expression “respect is earned”? Yeah, well it’s true. And
    nobody was fighting for anyone’s freedom during the gulf war, a war of
    conquest and aggression. Get your facts straight and turn off your TV, it’s
    lying to you. By the way, calling a stranger you’re having an online
    discussion with a “dumb shit” is a good way to discredit yourself. It shows
    you haven’t got any real points, and have to resort to name-calling. Let me
    know if you can muster a proper response worth reading.

  8. sapiensproeliator

    well there is a reason for confiscating gold. its that its an independent
    currency. in the last 50 years your dollars prob depreciated by 50% and ur
    gold appreciatted by 2000%. gold is not to go buy bread at a shop! to buy
    bread just keep smthin like 10k in cash, but the big money= gold bars,
    silver bars. now, yes its expensive that is one of the reason i buy silver!

  9. gpeter1981

    Let me put it simple: back in 1960, gallon of gas was 25 cents. The coin
    was made of 90%silver. Today a gallon is about 3dollars. The silver in the
    pre ’64 quarter coin also worth about 3 bucks. Got it? It is the same with
    gold. Paper currency has no intrinsic value. It’s value is determined by
    the political elite. You being an old man, should remember prices ten,
    twenty, thirty years back. Your notes are depreciating in value. Gold and
    silver stay the same in terms of absolute purchasing power.

  10. Jeff Kurpuis

    loving it. Those guys tell us our dollars are worthless then take our
    worthless dollars for gold!

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