PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Unboxing

PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Unboxing

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED**** PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset The PlayStation® Gold Wireless Headset delivers amazing depth and audio clarity…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I made this from footage of a news story, out of Mobile, Alabama. People reported seeing a “leprechaun” hiding in a tree. Credit to “zoomzip” for the music.

50 thoughts on “PS4 Gold Wireless Stereo Headset Unboxing

  1. ShadowWolf830

    They sound glorious, and they’re amazingly comfortable! Not trying to sell
    these on anyone, though I highly recommend them. Even if you aren’t using
    them for gaming purposes and want to use them for music (which is what I
    mostly do while playing games) they’re outstanding, I use them mainly for
    PC however, though I do use them with PS3/PS4 from time to time

  2. Don Gamer21

    i made one of theses videos too I don’t normally do unboxing videos so I’m
    not that good at them, plus in this one i had to hold the camera with one
    hand and unbox with the other so its kinda shaky but here it is watch if
    you want to, note: the reason its call re-unboxing is that my camera died
    in the first attempt lol!! Re-Unboxing Playstation Gold Wireless Stereo

  3. Codfootage777

    Can u do a sound test to see the sound quality for call of duty because I
    really want these and am getting them soon but want to know the sound
    quality and u just earned a sub :D

  4. Alex bulbarela

    This might sound like a dumb question but can you use it to talk to other
    people or is it just for audio 

  5. kasandhbs

    How did you get yours already? I called all of my local stores. Gamestops
    keeps telling me they have no info. So i went to their website. It says its
    released and could ship in 24 hours. So I ordered it yesterday. Hope it
    comes by Tuesday! 

  6. ruth daley

    I love the original “news clip” and I LOVE this remix!!!! never gets old –
    even on other holidays. 🙂 

  7. Stealing Fire

    This is still my favorite remix of this song, forever and always, my
    favorite remix it will be.

  8. Qisthatdude

    Damn this shit is hella nostalgic…I remember watching this hell…almost
    8 years ago…

    Give me tha, give me tha, give me tha, give me tha, give me tha, give me
    tha, give me tha gold.

    Lol, classic.

  9. FullmetalShay

    7 years later and I can still come back and love this video just as much as
    when I first saw it.

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