JIM SINCLAIR: GOLD AT $1,764 PAVES WAY TO $12,000 8-8-2011

More NEWS at http://www.newzzcafe.com/ With gold hitting new all-time highs yesterday in dollars, euros and pounds, today King World News interviewed legenda…
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8 thoughts on “JIM SINCLAIR: GOLD AT $1,764 PAVES WAY TO $12,000 8-8-2011

  1. NoName NoFame

    well gold HAS crashed now. as a PM investor i do think it’s irresponsible
    of these silver gold gurus to make impossible short term predictions – none
    of them ever warned that the market is volatile and that prices could fall
    – it is always “the sky is the limit” though they know nothing more about
    the immediate future than anyone else does.

  2. rainbeaux bridge

    1764 was breached many times only to go down. the trend didn’t change, no
    confidence was lost. if this was real, gold would be much higher. the power
    of this country is by debt, and no other. we couldn’t have this huge
    military without it. the debt can be controlled, convert all ira’s to
    government bonds and you have 16 trillion.

  3. theeastwatch

    The problem is, in this day and age… there are so many people making
    predictions you will always find SOMEONE who gets their prediction right.
    The question is what is THEIR historical accuracy… -TEW

  4. fugly75

    Well i guess you were wrong Mr. Sinclair, gold crashed shortly after you
    gave this big eloquent interview so it wasn’t the king has no clothes
    rather it was Mr. Sinclair who had no clothes.

  5. kcrone1

    How funny I’m watching this video at 8-10-11 at 4:16AM and Gold is sitting
    now at 1765 spot on kitco!!

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