Vs. Kanto Gym Leader – Pokémon Gold & Silver Music Extended

Updated by TheUltimateKoopa, using FlameHyenard’s BRSTM. Pokémon Gold & Silver music that has been extended to play for half an hour. Developer(s): Game Frea…

25 thoughts on “Vs. Kanto Gym Leader – Pokémon Gold & Silver Music Extended

  1. hiddenmist1396

    It’s been 14 years since I’ve played gold and I still come back to listen
    to the music……that’s nostalgia for you 

  2. manuel lopez

    I beat the champion in Jhoto and im trying to defeat red hes Just soooo
    hard how come everything else was easier???

  3. DantesonofSparda85

    I always picked Totodile as my starter when I played
    Gold/Silver…facerolled my rival when I taught him (as a Feraligatr) Ice
    Punch hehe

  4. Lc123

    Better than the Heart Gold and Soul Silver versions of this song. The
    remakes are good, but this, is beautiful.

  5. OmegaX74

    Hell yea! Lets battle Sabrina! You and your lovely face.. Slim body..
    beautiful legs.. and kinky.. Huh what? Where was I? OH YEA! This theme!
    Uhh.. I love this rendition alot! I actually like this more than the Johto
    Gym Battle theme personally.

  6. The Michael

    There is nothing that rocked my childhood more than when I 1st
    re-discovered Kanto. And I landed in Vermilion City. And I walked into the
    gym and challenged Lt. Surge. And this song played…

  7. TekmonX

    One thing I loved about the music in gold and silver, was how the music
    seemed a lot more epic and dramatic. Its almost as if you’re in a desperate
    struggle to win. Or face dire consequences This is also my favorite battle
    theme out of all the pokemon games. My second favorite is what this song is
    remixing. The gym leader theme from red and blue. Can’t wait for pokemon X
    and Y!

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