2012-08-16 Training in Gold’s Gym Katipunan – Chest

2012-08-16 Training in Gold’s Gym Katipunan – Chin ups for warm up – Hammerstrrengthj machine for upper pecs – Incline bench press – Shoulders: middle delts …
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Carlos Beramendi Bailando

Esta vez la clase se hizo a lo huayrurito todas de rojito jeje.

15 thoughts on “2012-08-16 Training in Gold’s Gym Katipunan – Chest

  1. john norton cisneros

    ang daming errors regarding sa proper position at execution.. like when you
    are hitting your chest always keep your hands round in the bar when
    gripping…. sa shoulder namn wag mong pagdikitin pag nasa itaas na yung
    dumbell… focus in your breathing also dun ka mahina……..ang daming
    mali d ko na iisa iisahin.. try to watch the best work outs nila kai
    greene, phil heath,mike o hearn, lazar angelov, …. or search mo nlng
    flexonline.com :)

  2. Sal

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