Robert Kiyosaki Gold, Silver & U.s. Dollar Predictions 2015

What is Robert Kiyosaki’s prediction about Gold, Silver and the US economy for 2015? RECOMMENDED ONLINE GOLD & SILVER BULLION DEALER:…
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25 thoughts on “Robert Kiyosaki Gold, Silver & U.s. Dollar Predictions 2015

  1. gespilk

    If I put all my savings in 2-3 kilos of gold and then I need money for
    something, do I melt the gold to pay with it or… ? How does it work?

    Can I pay for my house with gold? Can I go to the seller and say, “Here are
    3 kilograms of gold. Give me the deeds to the house.”?

    The seller is most likely to agree that the value of the gold is the “sell
    now price” of that gold, which in reality is about 25% bellow the current
    market value.!!!???
    If I want to get the market value I have to wait for 1-2 years to sell it,
    I think.

    I have serious doubts if it is worth it because people sell when they need
    money. They do not cell if they want a long term investment.

    2016 is around the corner. Does it look like the society is collapsing?

  2. rich s

    silver dont produce anything. invest in farmland and commercial buildings
    this is your rich dad dont teach you.

  3. William Mathieson

    Hi Robert,
    Thank you for sharing this video. William from the UK 🙂

    Have a great day.

  4. Steve Schmor

    It will be good again because they will issue the mark of the beast and
    police you so you pay your taxes. DON’T TAKE THE MARK!

  5. Mister Gold Academy

    Mr. Kiyosaki makes some relevant points. Although its difficult to predict
    the price bottom. It is good to scale into gold when prices are low. But
    what is critical in this dynamic environment is to learn how to buy at the
    right low price. It is critical that people protect themselves from the
    unstable economic and government conditions. Enterprising people want to
    know how to buy gold correctly at the right price, and we are doing it
    every day. Gold comes in many different forms. There are more ways to buy
    gold than coins and bullion. 


    Good News for all Americans !! – by the end of this decade your nation is
    predicted to be self-sufficient in its energy needs, and will be a larger
    exporter of oil and gas to the rest of the world than even Saudi Arabia
    is. Then in another 40 to 50 years Fusion power will have been harnessed
    which will then provide a bountiful harvest of ‘nearly free energy’ for
    the remainder of this millennium and into the next.
    America will not go broke – and China will not surpass the Western

  7. croc adile

    LOL..America is broke, but so are all the major players. New World Orders
    are like Climate changes, they both happen naturally. Governments don’t
    take care of people, only God and people take care of people.

    It is easier for a camel to go the eye of a sewing needle than for a rich
    man to enter God’s rest. God shows no partiality; He saves rich, poor,
    great and small and the same are also condemned for unbelief.

  8. Suhyoung Choi

    Why does the US tolerate this Japanese con-man? He lied. He has no two
    dads. His company went bankrupt but not himself. Guess why. As long as
    these kinds are not in jail, I think that the US is going to go broke. His
    gold and silver investment will scam many more people. Do something about
    this guy!

  9. Tamas Limanowski

    i heard him 2 years ago: BUY SILVER and GOLD he told … since that time
    the silver goes down 40% almost… he predicts the silver-gold exchange
    will be again 1:16! Maybe once, but when? 🙂 I remember also George Soros
    told the euro collapse in September 2013… now is November… so the
    question stays: to be-lieve or not to be-lieve!

  10. borob777

    There are two kinds of money only: debt money and commodity money. We live
    in period, that debt money rules. Transistion will be the big transfer to
    people that are positioned in commodity money. Most battles has fix scores
    depended on starting posision.

  11. Profit With Gold

    It might be his predictions are correct or not. All of us can predict what
    would be the future of gold, silver industry. Given that the economic
    crisis, gold can be a good investment after all.

  12. timetravelr28

    This is the charlatan that kept telling people to buy multiple homes all
    during the 2000s while taking their money at his bullshit “Rich Dad Poor
    Dad” seminars. And then when the real estate market had a meltdown he was
    laughing his ass off at all the morons who paid him for his “seminars” and
    all the bullshit material he sold them.

    He actually told one idiot who had spent thousands of dollars on his
    seminars and was up to his eyeballs in debt, stuck with 6 underwater homes,
    all of them facing foreclosure: “oh well, looks like you were the greater
    fool!”, as he was laughing his ass off and making his way out of the hotel
    at the end of one of his bullshit seminars.

    The guy that was facing foreclosure had a blog where he had shared his
    adventures in home buying scams and liar loans. A short while later he fled
    the country and went back to his native Uzbekistan, leaving his new wife in
    a sea of red ink and trashed credit, not to mention dozens of creditors,
    family members and friends who made the mistake of trusting the moron. 

  13. James Connell

    We have been broke sliver will not ever change that!Buy stocks with good
    divends 30 years in business that can recover !because companies will
    always be around. This guy is a sliver pumper 

  14. Eric D

    The rich get richer by speculation, but that doesn’t do much for our
    country. Why not start a business and provide a needed service or product?
    You’ll make money AND provide a benefit to society. That’s how our country
    became great in the first place.

  15. Martyn8020

    Gold will go to $5,000. One day. Don’t know when. But one day I shall be
    correct. We all can make guesses as to what will happen

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