Hugo Salinas Price – on the Gold Pound

Hugo Salinas Price - on the Gold Pound

The very thing which built the Western Empire has been forgotten…
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25 thoughts on “Hugo Salinas Price – on the Gold Pound

  1. Bugzillah

    What on earth is the point in having a government at all if it is not to
    support the welfare of the people?

  2. NearAbbeyRoad

    @namjignerak All expenditure can be raised by taxing the “values” of “all”
    land. There has been no experience of land values collapsing. People will
    be self reliant. Beggars, etc are few and far between.

  3. Kitty Luella

    @iglwy I’m pretty sure I saw a stat that said the 6 members of the Walton
    family have more money than the bottom 100 million Americans. Fucking
    sickening eh.

  4. radroatch

    @audas Good point, I wouldn’t quite say thriving, but I the reasons they
    are not down to the corrosive elements of over-centralization, which has
    been driven most by the hierarchical capitalist ethos I watched a talk by a
    noble prize winner, whos name know escapes me, that put forward a good case
    that the rate of return on early education was the greatest of any
    investment that could be made for economical growth; the private education
    has been sucking the public system dry

  5. Namjig Nerakyi

    @NearAbbeyRoad Even if we change into your tax model, taxing lands, which
    will limit tax revenue and land price will collapse, who want to be the
    only landowner to be targeted for taxation.People will not be self reliant,
    there will always be thieves, beggars in any kinds society. You realize
    that charities are form of modem day beggars. pace.

  6. seneca2816

    welfare has nothing to do with the value of a currency. currency
    depreciates due to inflation.

  7. Aengrod

    @hrmIwonder It is effort that was put in extracting it, durability, the
    fact that it is tangible and divisible etc etc. Its no rocket science.
    Besides as “some” banker said: Gold is money and nothing else …. Gold is
    nothing more than money and nothing else than gold is money. End of story.
    Ask yourself, why central banks around the world hold gold? Don’t quote
    bernanke its not because of tradition 😉

  8. Cannamedic

    The only thing that is sad is the continued survival of Austrian school
    psychotics in our society. I don’t know who this man is or why I just
    watched him speak, but this is the voice of fascism and don’t forget it.
    Britain got where it is today by listening to this Austrian / Thatcherite
    rubbish and the longer we follow this dogma the longer we starve as a

  9. RandomStandardGuy

    What this guy doesn’t seem to understand is that if this were a fully
    functioning democracy then one would be completely unable to distinguish
    between ‘government’ and ‘the people’ .

  10. NearAbbeyRoad

    @namjignerak Do a Go oggle on Geosism. All will become clear. It is the way
    we raise taxes before they ripped us off using income tax. It is the only

  11. NearAbbeyRoad

    He sounds confused. The reason why the welfare state came about was that in
    the richest country on earth there was grinding poverty. What does he
    propose we do to prevent grinding poverty? I hope it is not one of these
    ridiculous American right wing solutions which create grinding poverty –
    which I fear it may be. I see no relevance to a brass or gold pound coin.

  12. FriendlyFire1111

    The British Empire was based on mind-boggling exploitation. If it
    bankrupted itself, good riddance. It isn’t a sad thing at all. And the
    obligations that failed the empire are not the welfare measures that helped
    the poor who lived in Britain, but the Imperialist wars that the Empire
    always fought to “defend” itself. It is ironic that this man thinks that
    the correct use of economic might is the maintenance of an empire, but not
    the maintenance of a welfare state, which costs far less.

  13. Dimitris Milionis

    @KittyLuella our right

  14. oneshot2g

    @namjignerak i disagree, by people spending we get a true “balance”, your
    idea of taxation is similar to handicapping Usain Bolt at a race because he
    is the fastest runner, now is that fair?

  15. NearAbbeyRoad

    @namjignerak We tax people’s productive efforts – income tax. We allow the
    values of land, created by community activity, the owners never created
    that increased land value, to be untaxed and creamed off. Not taxing land
    values created two world depressions in 1929 & 2008. Simple. Tax the
    “values” of “all” land, which is created by community activity, and do not
    tax people’s efforts. People then will be self reliant and earn far more
    than welfare can give them.

  16. NearAbbeyRoad

    @largo2001 Grinding poverty emerged because most were enslaved to a rich
    few – who owned the vast majority of the land and its resources. The masses
    paid rent to them, and still do. There was less abject poverty in primitive
    tribal societies than in highly productive modern societies. All in tribal
    societies had access to the earth on reasonably equal terms and could
    provide for himself. Modern society is based on some people having all the
    land and everyone else buying or renting from them

  17. William Gruff

    Why does Mr Salinas Price like to call Britain England? The two names
    describe different entities. Scotland and Wales are part of the former but
    not the latter, although Wales is more closely bound, even after
    devolution, to England than Scotland.

  18. oneshot2g

    @iglwy just because it is a socialism doesnt mean it is free of corruption
    yes it is down to a welfare state, but it is the welfare of the political
    elites. in a true free market system the banks/ car companies would have
    gone bankrupt. the assets would have been auctioned and a new company would
    have been spawned with different leadership and the same workforce.

  19. hrmIwonder

    @bezant1971 well if that’s the case, we should just base our money on
    fossilized dinosaur dung. Should be much more scarce than gold.

  20. William Gruff

    @wwhvd: The empire was ended when India was granted independence in 1947
    and the British Commonwealth was created. That occurred as the NHS was
    established and the means testing of state benefits was abolished. Although
    Beveridge stated that his reforms were not intended to create a welfare
    state the end of empire coincided with the development of what has become
    the welfare state, which is crippling us, and does not prevent people from

  21. William Gruff

    An angry outburst that is factually incorrect and not as cutting, nor as
    clever, as you seem to think. Are you Irish by any chance? Irrational anger
    on hearing or reading anything said or written by an Englishman is a
    typical trait of the Irish and perhaps accounts in part for their failure
    to make anything of themselves without the help of the English, which
    doubtless accounts for their anger and ingratitude. Try again Paddy but do
    try harder or someone else may take the mick.

  22. hrmIwonder

    What an ignorant fool. Actually, he’s probably just a shameless
    propagandist. Gold has very very little intrinsic value. It is valuable
    because it is shiny and people are attracted to shiny things. Except for
    modern electronics, you can’t really do much with it except make jewelry
    and coins. It’s not good for building things, you can’t plant it, you can’t
    eat. Gold as the basis of money is certainly a folly.

  23. Donx

    IF government isn’t for protecting the people, what is it for? Oh yeah,
    helping the rich take too much in the first place and then telling us we
    are the greedy ones. The so-called ‘welfare state’ has demonstrably given
    more the the already wealthy than ever was reallocated to those who
    actually earned it. In the last 30 years, the wealthy have doubled their
    portion of world wealth by suppressing wages, looting entire national
    currencies & job-killing private equity buyouts.

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