Yellen Barks on Rates, But Will Not Bite

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  2. Capitalist

    Peter said they would never taper and they did. Now he’s saying they can’t
    end QE and can’t raise interest rates. Peter doesn’t understand how QE
    works and his predictions are absurd.

    I pity those who swallow this misinformation because they don’t do any
    research themselves. Peter is a permabear, all he does is predict
    recessions which is like predicting during the day that the sun will set.

  3. Zac6230

    Why is it dependent on QE? if it goes what happens? does that mean the
    market has hardly any profits for stocks to rise and QE is substitute for
    that lack of profit due to the bad economy?

  4. Ellipsis10

    silver has crashed 60% in the past 4 years.. Great call Peter! Make a video
    about that! LOL

  5. FortuneSeek3rz

    The whole world is easing. The difference is the United States is a major
    innovator and is now becoming a major energy producer. Those two things
    will carry the American economy indefinitely. Sure we’re 17 trillion
    dollars in debt, but the total dollar value of the US’s national assets is
    enormous as well.

  6. Nameless_Ghost

    The money that the fed has pumped into markets is mostly sitting in banks
    around the country, as reserve currency. It will take time for banks to
    lend out all of the money that the fed has created. Therefore, you can’t
    say that the fed’s QE program hasn’t done anything good for the economy.
    The effects of QE should be considered “unknown,” until all of the money
    has circulated out of the banks. Personally, I think the debt will create
    economic destruction. However, I don’t think it is wise to bash the fed and
    QE, while the effects of QE are still unknown.

  7. LacusTheDestroyer

    *Peter:* QE3 will make consumer prices surge and gold go up
    – *What really happened:* Gold fell by 35% and we got -0.2% deflation last
    *Peter:* The Fed will never taper, but if they do the stock market will
    – *What really happened:* The Fed is almost done with the taper and the
    stock market is up ~12% since the taper started.

    Remember kids, whenever Schiff says something about monetary policy, the
    opposite is correct! No exceptions!

  8. Julie Monroe

    Don’t you know, they’re not “overly optimistic”, they just believe in the
    POWER of the one and only ‘MERICA!

  9. Meek Mekado

    the schiff who cried wolf….
    now let’s go and buy some gold from his company, he gladly accept USD as
    payment, which he says is printed out of thin air and have soon no value ;)

  10. Yves Baggi

    Mr Schiff,

    Ever since the fed bought 85bi worth in QE you’ve said they can’t afford to
    taper. They’ve now tapered down to what? 15b you said?

    I’m sure there are shenanigans going on but you should admit you were wrong
    about your predictions and explain if / how the economy (or stock market)
    got worse or better with the tapering.

    How did the economy not go as bad as you thought it would as the fed keeps
    tapering? (even measured by the fed)


  11. Bugsy Seagal

    Schiff is a Jew . This is why his propaganda is fucked. It helps separate
    those that fear of losing wealth and takes there money into his loser
    investments that the Joos short. Fuck him. For 8 years I listened yo him
    saying the financial world was doomed, going to implode, gold at 5k, blah
    blah blah.

  12. TheKordane

    The Fed shouldn’t even be allowed to be vague in their language. They
    should have to give specifics in clear and concise language.

  13. ihooman

    I have been a fan of Peter Schiff’s videos and commentary on economic news
    for some time. The problem I’m starting to notice is that I think he has
    an ulterior motive to push gold, which leads to flaws in his argument. I
    think it’s great that he recognizes the flaws in propped up bubble we have,
    but to constantly be talking about impeding doom is a bit exaggerated.
    Listening to Schiff you would think the sky will fall tomorrow. If you
    invested in gold 2 years ago, you would have lost money. That’s what I
    did, I sold most of my stocks and put all my money in gold, and I’ve lost
    money. Gold shouldn’t be an investment, it’s just a way to hedge. I pity
    the people continuing to take this as financial advice. No doubt Schiff is
    smart and can make a lot of money, I just don’t believe him when he
    constantly says the sky is falling. It will eventually fall, and he will
    eventually be right, it’s just nice to have a more realistic view on how
    impending these events are in the general sense. You’ll lose more money
    constantly worrying about impending doom of the economy and sitting on the
    side lines than actually being active in the market, real estate, etc. If
    Schiff was smart, when the real estate market crashed, he should have
    recommended people buy. Real estate prices have sky rocketed since then.
    But no, he was saying it’s the end, we’re all doomed, etc. I’m eagerly
    waiting for another crash. But this time I won’t buy gold, I’ll buy all
    the things Schiff doesn’t recommend.

  14. sharky8899

    What happens when they end the bond buying, and dont raise intrest rates?
    it must have some effect right if they dont raise them? to quickly or to
    slowly? any one can comment on this?

  15. tom donovan

    Peter makes me want silver and gooooood

    AKA. Gold member.
    Pete u should get a part in the next Austin Powers movie it will put u over
    the top when u run for president and u are running in 2016. It will b a
    rerun of 2008 only look for 100 x the numbers of rats leaving the stricken
    Hope I’m wrong and silver falls to 15$ oz I’ll buy buy buy.

  16. Kirk Mcquest

    Peter, I think your only mistake is once again over-estimating the Fed. I
    think they WILL raise rates, and the economy will tumble. Your assumption
    is that they know they can’t really raise rates but are lying in order to
    manipulate markets. You’re forgetting that they have all the wrong models.
    They are relying on Keynesian models and I think they really believe that
    printing money and holding down interest rates results is real growth. They
    really believe we are in a recovery. When they print money and hold down
    interest rates and the stock market surges on cheap money they think they
    have created wealth!

    So while I think you are correct in your over all views and you understand
    how the market works, your mistake is assuming that they do too. I think
    they are going foreword with the taper, and they might even end it. They
    will begin to tlak tough about raising interest rates and the market will
    tumble. They might even enact a tiny raise, like 1/4%. At some point the
    market will be so bad that they will reverse.

  17. Tigersage3113mdc

    He did say they wouldn’t taper. Technically they haven’t. They’ve just
    shifted the bond buying through another source. Otherwise rates would have
    spiked by now. When the manipulation creates distortions that explode,
    it’s going to be too late to buy gold because prices will spike so fast
    people won’t have a chance.

  18. Robert Black

    BTW, Schiff is a lot wealthier than I, and he got it in the stock market,
    so I’d listen to him over anybody posting here.

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