Pokemon Creepypasta: The Story of Lost Silver

Screamer Free! I tell the creepypasta story of Lost Silver as if it happened to me in real life. I take on the role as a poor college student who finds a cre…
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This is Lisa Gerrard’s 4th LP “The Silver Tree” all creative credit for this album belongs to Lisa Gerrard copyright 2011 Tracklist: 1. In Exile (0:00) 2. Sh…

43 thoughts on “Pokemon Creepypasta: The Story of Lost Silver

  1. Chance Stallings

    Years ago me and my best friend were the only people we knew play the
    gameboy color. We LOVED the Pokemon games and when heart gold and soul
    silver came out, i got gold, and he got an unboxed silver at a garage sale.
    We went to his house and we turned on our games. Mine worked. His didn’t.
    It froze. We were both worried that his was broken and he needed a new one.
    When it finally turned on, it was just liked Brandon’s. First thing he did
    was check his profile.
    There were Pokemon and then when he found out that the unknown said Leave
    hurry he turned off the game and for some reason when he pulled the
    cartridge out, the game was still going. He turned off the gameboy and when
    he turned it back on. It was still there. When he put in a Dr. Mario game,
    it was gone. But when he played any other Pokemon game, the profile was
    deleted. Ge got rid of his gameboy and i got rid of mine and we both got
    new ones. We threw away the game but we will never forget how creepy it
    was. But when i watched this video. This made me feel so much better that
    he didn’t continue the game. We both would’ve bee freaked out

  2. nightmare09

    not to be mean or that kind of stuff but are this so post to be sad? i
    think it’s kinda funny 

  3. Krillinator

    Oh my god! It is the same creepypasta for all nintendo games! Buying games
    for an old console, creepy old guy sells them a copy of the one game they
    were trying to buy, and the game is all glitchy and scary. Can we have some
    originality here?

  4. eroshiyda

    Made it to 6:03, then started reading comments. May never finish this
    video. You did a good job on it, and I think I’ll be scared if I continue.

  5. The Gaming Umbreon

    as long as its not the newer verison on pokemon soulsliver im fine (thats
    VERY special to meh)

  6. mhifrimx

    Ooo, Lisa Gerrard who created the song from Gladiator… NOW WE ARE FREE.
    She has just a wonderful voice. Her music and Gladiator ( from Ridley
    Scott) make me cry…

  7. Carl Hughes

    never knew this album existed, have every album by dead can dance, gerrard
    and perry, but never heard this before.

  8. Fernonodon

    She’s in a class all by herself, no one’s even close…her voice is
    hauntingly beautiful

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