Argentina today – the U.S. tomorrow: Got gold and silver?

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Money, banks, gold & silver : What they DON'T want you to know.

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

32 thoughts on “Argentina today – the U.S. tomorrow: Got gold and silver?

  1. frontier1701

    Inflation is coming to the US but it certainly won’t be rampant… It will
    be moderate and persistent… The US govt is the global expert at
    controlled depreciation of their currency.. I’m so sick of the
    end-of-the-world BS coming from everyone..

  2. Frank M

    I guess David Morgan is tired of seeing his profits drop. Gold and silver
    won’t save any Americans or anyone else in the world if the dollar
    collapses. The prices of the metals are based off the US dollar.

  3. MedicalMarijuanaMini

    smart investors would be crazy not to put at least 3-5% of their pm’s
    position into bitcoin.

  4. Justin Belanger

    +Frank M I looked for your name just so I could tell you how moronic you
    are. I wont explain why because clearly your thick skull cant processes the

  5. Justin Belanger

    Frank what you said has to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard someone
    say. American much? 

  6. FreedomForceUSA

    The US is declining, whether it changes overnight is conjecture. The smart
    choice includes PMs, let’s keep it in perspective though.

  7. Twsbi Banghorn

    Chris, thank you for your video, but if I was a bad guy living near you and
    has seen your videos. You would be the first person I would visit when
    WSHF. Don’t worry I am not a bad guy and I live thousands of miles from you

    To everone else, please make sure that you don’t let anyone know what you
    are doing (money and other prepping etc.). I have had best friends turn on
    me when times got hard for them. It’s amazing how people change when the
    situation goes bad.

  8. darkwonderzz

    welcome to the world wide Mafia of currency of central banks.
    usury plain and simple slavery.

  9. Henric Reil

    Chris your so eight about the brainwashing and conditioning of people while
    young in lady works at a school she showed me some of the lessons
    they are now teaching kids around the age of intermediate school.Already at
    this age they have begun to teach and express that as they get older they
    should invest their money into the stock markets and making investments
    like these.Sorry brother but….I can’t remember learning that at that
    age..just some f.y.I for ya.good message as always.keep sharing take care
    llove aware and be alive.peace.

  10. Mandems96

    can you make money via buying precious metals or is it solely for
    investment purpose ?
    i understand that it is a good investment as it keeps up with inflation and
    you have purchasing power. (by the way you explained it very well)

  11. mark wasington

    Why is government allowed to allow banks to loan what is not in existence
    ? I have an empty box; can I loan from it what is not
    there to loan ? If I tried, would that not
    be fraud ? If it is fair for them, it is fair for us too….. or
    not. What is true is true all the time.

  12. mark wasington

    Currency should be able to transfer a current (think electricity or water)
    ,;this is why we used metals of little resistance like gold & silver. Paper
    is a bad conductor of current. Tally sticks were a good form of
    “taxpaying”to the king, as was hard to fake/counterfit grains of wood.

  13. liabilitymate

    Well said my friend on the other side of the planet. We are all in the shit
    together that is a fact.

  14. Superpureeliteful

    Basically…….. its going to get rough,buy your selves guns and protect
    your families,Education has not solved poverty,but yet they don’t mind
    indoctrinating children with Religion and creationism,rather than teaching
    them Science and evolution,so the longer that goes on,the worse each and
    every generation gets, as the economy falls apart,around these
    generations,both are interconnected,as the generations get worse,the
    economy also gets worse,its a nightmare that is slowly unraveling itself.

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