Bix Weir: Gold-Silver Update and Complete Wipeout of all Debt in All Banks Coming in Next Few Months – Bix Weir of predicts, “We are the biggest debtor nation in the world. …
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25 thoughts on “Bix Weir: Gold-Silver Update and Complete Wipeout of all Debt in All Banks Coming in Next Few Months

  1. Aurora B

    I’ll be one one of the pissed. No debt and savings.

    Glad he has been wrong, unless it was just his timing.

  2. john sumner

    can sdr’s replace gold in the new dawn with the same old fixers or will
    gold win out ?? can anybody tell me

  3. Etta Knox

    WOOOW!!!! I have been checking my account for over a year now, hoping to
    see my debts paid off and NOTHING. I had to run to the bank to pay my
    mortgage or foreclosure.

  4. Sterling McVay

    As ‘per NESARA’, the Fed will be ‘ended’; there will be a Brand NEW U.S.
    TREASURY – belonging, to ‘WE, THE PEOPLE’, as well as another ‘Org’, that
    is the ‘debt collection agency’ of the Fed; their will be a
    ‘Redistribution’ of Funds; as the NEW ‘REAL’ DOLLAR, is ‘backed’ by a
    Triple Precious Metals Standard: GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER; as a ‘basic’
    Example, a Product, that once cost $10.00 will be ‘effectively’ Repriced
    Down, to $1.00; Only Luxury Items, will be Taxed, say like a YACHT.

  5. Green Goose

    I figure if you master meditation, you can live on 1 can of tuna and 1 cup
    of water a day.

  6. Mike Lipsey

    Maybe our definitions are different. How many is a “Few”? Here we are 11
    months later. Is that within or outside your definition of a “Few”?

  7. James Ornellas

    Hmm Social Security allocating wealth in the event of a dollar collapse
    makes sense. That is a good plan.

    Someday the dollar will collapse it is inevitable, all things live and die.
    Who knows when it will happen, but it will be OKAY.

  8. stopdemockery

    The national debts along with all bank loans and foreclosures are frauds.
    Banks of their “free” world have not actually lent any money since the
    early 1930s. They fund their so called loans with book keeping entries
    alone. Money is created when we borrow it from banks. Every time the Fed
    created a billion dollars from thin air to “lend” to the corporate federal
    (fake) government, the private owners of the Fed instantly became a billion
    dollars richer on paper for absolutely nothing. After the banksters
    raided their own banks to prove their insolvency, as their banks were being
    “bailed out” by their fake corporate government, the banksters relentlessly
    foreclosed on our homes and businesses in which they had not one penny
    invested. And, every dime that ever came from the Fed was defrauded from
    the American people. It’s high time that the mob (the People) ruled Our

  9. Ron Vetter

    How much do you think gold is going to be worth if the dollar goes to zero.
    I tell you zero. Why cuz if the dollar goes to zero then it is game over.

  10. Michael Zimmermann

    Oh ya. America runs on the Petro dollar. The defaulting of Americas debt
    will kill the Petro dollar. Experts agree if that happens you’ll see at the
    least a 50% loss in the US $. You make nothing and are the worlds number 1
    consumer nation. Default on your debt and see who sells you anything
    without being paid first. In gold. You have none.
    Who is this retard that says “we win”. Half Witt
    You are fracking the shit out of America in an attempt to find enough oil
    to feed your society and while doing it your polluting your ground water
    reserves at an alarming rate. Your cannibalizing everything in order to
    maintain a society that is unsustainable.
    Your civilian population will at some time revolt and you have a government
    that has spent considerable sums of money in preparation for such an event.
    Ya your gonna win for sure. 

  11. Alvin Kovacs

    So if the banks crash, what about my stocks? Granted they will be worth way
    less, just a fraction. Wouldn’t I still have them?

  12. Michael Zimmermann

    Lmao. “We win”. Ya sure you ignorant sheep are going to win something. What
    an idiot.
    Your government has the legal right to take every dime in your bank
    accounts as well as your property to pay off any debts. Maybe you trusting
    souls should read the laws your government passes. How many of you know
    that your country is monitized by placing you on the stock exchange as a
    bond. Well now your freaking out and saying this guys nuts. I’m not on the
    stock exchange. Well my ignorant friend you are. It is done by monitizing
    your record of birth. Your long form. The form your parents filled out and
    handed to the government and in exchange your sweet government gave back a
    birth certificate and some promises.
    Every single one of you handed everything to the government and you don’t
    even know it.
    Google cestui que trust just to get an idea of how it works.
    To really understand how you’ve been screwed you lazy sheep will have to do
    your homework.
    “We win”. Lol lol. 

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