Value Store: Silver Purchase!!

Value Store: Silver Purchase!!

A store of value is the function of an asset that can be saved, retrieved and exchanged at a later time, and be predictably useful when retrieved. I am buyin…

5 thoughts on “Value Store: Silver Purchase!!

  1. Mr.Maxi.Psycho

    I don’t know man, silver seems to have bounced on this level a few too many
    times, like it might break and go under $18. I’m going to wait until next
    year before I consider any bullion purchases. But I’m going to be buying a
    couple of ounces of gold as I’m already a bit silver heavy (so what do I
    know lol) 

  2. ThesharpNshiny

    JM bars are great pickups. I think that silver is ready to test $18 again.
    This is all speculation (and some wishful thinking) on my part.

  3. Doubil Troubil

    Sub $18 silver coming right up……death cross nearly here on CRB index.
    If your holding for a while it hardly matters but if your trading wait some

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