Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Gold vs White (Silver) vs Black (Space Gray)

A comparison of the new Gold, Silver, and Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus and my initial impressions! iPhone 6 Color Comparison: Wallpap…
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50 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Gold vs White (Silver) vs Black (Space Gray)

  1. London Fella

    You concentrated far too much on the rear side of the phone.

    People usually look at the front of their phones?

    Thanks anyway.

    For the note, I have a Space Grey 6 (128) and I’m thinking about changing
    it for the Silver.

    I only have 2 more days to return it so I need to make up my mind …

  2. Matthew Toope

    Can’t afford the phone but i really want one. How are they compared to the
    4s (the last one i owned) 

  3. DjFrexira

    I’m sort of fucked. I love the gold iPhone 6 Plus, but I hate the white
    front and I much prefer a black front.

  4. Dante Everheart

    As usual I initially choose the gold and the space grey grows on me! And
    its happening again! I am so torn on which one to get! I am leaning towards
    the gold though lol

  5. cesar pena-gallo

    i order the silver iPhone 6 plus 64 gb on the second day it was amiable for
    preorder, have to wait 4-6 weeks till it arrives >:( , but not that I’m
    thinking about it. i should have got the space grey. the silver one just
    pops out to me more but uggg i think I’m starring to like the space grey
    more -___-

  6. shawn RNS

    the problem I’m having is I’ve been wanting the gold for so long since i
    got my silver iphone5 but my friends gold iPhone6 looks like it has a
    pinkish-red tint to it. so now i was thinking spacegrey and i heard the
    black screen makes the picture look better, but this video is making me
    think the silver has the best pop/wow factor.

  7. nezbola

    Thanks so much for this video. I had the black 5 and upgraded to the space
    gray/black 6. When it came in, I was tripping bc I thought they had sent me
    silver. I honestly thought for an entire day that Apple had rush
    manufactured and made a color mistake. My girlfriend went and found as many
    pics of the 6 that she could to prove to me that I wasn’t just paranoid,
    but I was still skeptical. I’m colorblind, so the silver and space gray are
    verrrry similar to me. It wasn’t until you showed them side by side and
    pointed out the black ring around the camera that I finally accepted that
    Apple just went soft on the color. Glad I wasn’t the only one. I also agree
    that the 5 and 5s just felt more durable. It wasn’t heavy, but it felt like
    it could take a drop or a mishandle. It felt sturdy. It took the right case
    for me to get used to how thin and light the 6 is. The right case made it
    just the right weight. I don’t understand how people can own this phone and
    not have a case. Then they wonder why it bends. That blows my mind. Anyway,
    thanks again for the video. Very helpful. I’m subscribing. Cheers

  8. Lavy Khurana

    My brother and his wife have got gold and i ordered black he is telling me
    to get gold as black is way to common confused

  9. Tech for Kings

    They made the phone thinner meaning less aluminum in thickness, so of
    course it’s not going to feel as premium as the 5s. But to automatically
    jump to “cheap”, because there’s less metal in thickness is honestly kind
    of ridiculous. Lol but we all get our opinions. Love the videos btw.

  10. Geoffrey Croes

    i chose gold, but does that feel premium? because I first had a white
    iphone 4, then a black 4S, but I liked more the white one, that goes better
    wit iOS 7/8 look. I chose gold because I taught that it would look
    premium… I’d like to use it with Product Red silicon case. what do you
    guys think about it? 

  11. Marty Simonelli

    Thanks bro great video, reserved my plus and a lot of people are saying
    it’s way to big comparing older models, how does feel in your hands or just
    like the Androids?

  12. james8tube

    Good video man. I couldn’t decide whether to get the gold or space grey but
    it looks like space grey it is :)

  13. Pamela Harvey

    I thought I wanted the white one because I had previous white iPhones but
    once I saw the black one…I fell in love. And they were the only ones they
    had left so it made my decision a lot easier. Thanks :)

  14. NeoTRShow

    Ae Pessoas e Haters, ta ai mais um vídeo do canal de Pokémon! (quem poderia
    imaginar :o”

    Espero que gostem :D

  15. Defenestrando Jogos

    Não que eu seja hater, mais joguei demais o Blue, Red, Yellow e Green…
    Depois disso não consegui mais! Cheio das info +NeoTRShow, sempre foda!

  16. BiOsHaRpZ

    Veeesh…. Adivinhei agr pouco q ia ser Pokémon (OBS: Vi nas notificações
    do meu tablet: NeoTRShow acabou de enviar um vídeo, aí eu quis ver pelo PC
    mesmo). A propósito, ótimo vídeo Tomás!

  17. Victor Yonemura

    Correção: 3:19 – A posição do Level e do Nome é daquela forma na versão
    japonesa definitiva.

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