Brother & Bones – Gold and Silver.

Brother & Bones playing Silver and Gold.on BBC Introducing: The South 30th May 2011.
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On his weekly podcast, Andy Hoffman discusses the NFP and ADP employment Report, GDP, unemployment rate, surging food and energy prices, stocks and bonds, Ar…

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  1. Floflo f

    au son des cordes je pourrais voler dans le ciel de ta chanson et voir là
    où les autres ne voient pas .
    “Gold and silver means nothing to the blind”

  2. Immy Khan

    Spare me your sympathies of broken dreams, now, honestly,
    Im not the man I used to want to be
    And dont hold your punches I am strong enough
    to take the words, you dont belong
    Because I burnt my eyes to see the sun
    For what it is, not what the words of everyone have told me I should see
    So make your conscience clear enough to make your judgements
    When you look at me
    Gold and silver means nothing to the blind
    So don’t weigh yourself down, before you find your eyes
    Why wear a mask to hide from all the things you’ve said
    Would you cut off your toes to spite the chosen path you’ve led?
    Just be the one you choose to be
    and let your words walk with you now instead
    And don’t drag me down into the waters
    That you drown your sons and daughters in hoping to wash away the fear,
    To accept your failures less than your success
    is such a wayward path to steer
    Gold and silver means nothing to the blind
    So don’t weigh yourself down, before you find your eyes
    You best believe that theres a darkness in your heart to overcome
    It looks the same and takes the shape of all those shadows from which you
    And all your friends and all your enemies well, they’ll live and die and
    Because theres nowhere to run, no theres nowhere to run
    Gold and silver means nothing to the blind
    So don’t weigh yourself down, before you find your eyes

    Lyrics from their website

  3. BrotherAndBones

    Gold & Silver now available to purchase as a digital download exclusively
    from our website!!

  4. Kenny Cummins

    At about 2.30 you’ll realise there’s been a microphone in front of his face
    the whole time.

  5. Dj Carpenter

    Is there anywhere you can download this? Aside from ripping the vid? Not on
    iTunes, not on the site.

  6. NinthLive

    Andy, your reports are some of the most concise and thorough as any that
    are out there, but I’m trying to wrap my mind around something that I’ve
    been asking about with much futility. Can you help a brother out? I was in
    downtown Denver last night taking in the Rockies’ fireworks show, and
    everywhere I go in the greater Denver area, I see nothing but new
    construction, new roads, road improvements, and not much in the way of
    pain. I realize the extent of their charade, and how a lot of this can just
    be an illusion, but man, I’m here to tell you; the critical thinker in me
    is just plain confused! What say you???

  7. Ethercruiser1

    Andy Hoffman does a great job at pointing out all the lies put out on the
    economy by the Central Banking Cartel & those they control.

  8. ArgentPure

    If you are going to repost other peoples content then you should have the
    decency to not post ads throughout those videos!

  9. onceANexile

    wiemar 1919—gold/87 marks>>>>1924 87 trillion marks
    ag+ 11 marks>>>>1924 1 trillion marks
    So, what is/are the difference(s) in todays markets? except ag+ is more the
    valuable commodity…(!), Or, am I missing something?

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