Hero, Hero3 White, Hero3+ Black, Hero4 Silver & Black Sharpness Comparison – GoPro Tip #400

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25 thoughts on “Hero, Hero3 White, Hero3+ Black, Hero4 Silver & Black Sharpness Comparison – GoPro Tip #400

  1. askjerry

    1:30 – Now this is interesting… the HERO… cheapest of the bunch, looks
    (to me) to have the best color saturation. The Hero 3 White… just looks
    way off from any of the others. The different silver and black editions
    look about the same color-wise from what I can see. I have the Hero 3…
    and I would think it would match up closely to the Hero 3+. But I am really
    surprised at the color on the HERO. I may even look into it for a second
    camera… hummm… dunno.

  2. Nicolas Valenzuela

    please!!! tips for hero3+ silver. I’ve learned a lot but you only use the
    black versions or hero4, those are to expensive in my country or even in
    everywhere. So please more tips for hero3+ silver

  3. One Brothers Productions

    Check 1:35 The hero 3+ black has the focus set too close. That is a
    problem with the early Hero 3+ BE. There are videos on how to fix it on
    youtube. I had to fix mine and change the focus to farther way. Notice
    how clearly it focuses on the ground close up in the video at 1:35 and at
    2:10. That is why everything further away is softer and less focused.

  4. Jefferazzi

    I have a Hero 3 White – my main complaints after using it were only Medium
    FOV on 1080p, and the colors seem muted/gray/dark. I usually brighten the
    the footage up a little in post. I also rarely use 1080p since I want the
    widest field of view so I typically use 720p (or 960p and crop to 16:9
    widescreen or due a pseudo superview).

  5. Jesse Reith

    Congrats on your 400th video, well done Mic! Nice comparison video too,
    I’ll receive the Hero (2014) today

  6. Rampa - GoPro Edit & Tips

    Hi mitch! I’ve a gopro hero3+ black, and i want ti buy a second camera, if
    i buy a gopro hero, can i make a montage with the tuo cameras or there will
    be much quality difference between the two gopros? Thanks! (I’m sorry for
    my bad english, but i’m from Italy)

  7. Lizardstuff10

    Hey Mic, just wanted to say that I currently only have a hero 3+ black
    edition. Several of your recent videos have been about the 4 (that’s fine)
    and the phantom (cool). I just wanted to tell you that not many of us
    bought the 4 right away and maybe jjust do some more general camera tips.

  8. Marvin Deneke

    hey I would like to know how you save the videos you take with your gopro.
    I mean do you save it under .mov or .h.264 or something? or could you make
    a video what you have to take care of to not lose any video after you
    edited a video?

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