Tell Me More…The New Flat Rate Pricing Strategies

About The New Flat Rate: The New Flat Rate is the only proven nationwide automatic add on selling system for flat rate pricing that will double, triple or ev…

Unemployment Rate Falls to 10%? Bureau of Labor Statistics & News Media Publish Fraudulent Data …
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25 thoughts on “Tell Me More…The New Flat Rate Pricing Strategies

  1. sinner amur

    Pay per view , it would pay off the National debt in no time. I’m sure if
    Ben was in the gallows it would be sold out !!! I like it when traitors
    swing, they kick their feet.

  2. phil scott

    gold is in a bubble… and will go way down in terms of the USD as long as
    credit is tight, and it will be kept reasonably tight…and the funny money
    is in terms of bank credits…not so much printed currency… making print
    currency scarce…that will tend to put pressure on gold. imo

  3. cpblackangel88

    This will fix unemployment:Fair Tax of 18%,go back to a Gold
    Standard,drill, nuclear,libertarian healthcare reform,drug reform,reform
    NAFTA to what Ross Perot wanted,allow useful immigrants in and don’t let
    ones who will just go on welfare,do what Chuck Baldwin wanted to do for
    immigration,let local government control education,have a voucher
    system,let local government have all environmental reform,and invest in
    business of the future like robotics and new medical technology.

  4. wolfofworld

    Tell them you want section 8 housing and food stamps now!!!!!!!! If they
    decline you tell them you want to talk to their supervisor and maby put
    them out of a job.

  5. slipcurve

    I agree with the notion that they are trying to cook the books to show how
    the US has “turned around” economicly. People are going be fed up before
    too long. When reality and the dream world peddled by the msm do not match
    in any tangible way, even the “sleepers” of the nation are going to turn
    their televisions off. They are using up what creditability they have left.
    They are outright lying to our face. We must be very close to the edge

  6. lindabebe835

    Great work George. You are absolutely right. Gov’t is trying to pull wool
    over our eyes and discount unemployment situation so people can continue to
    be believing in Obama. Next year will be show the truth as it won’t be able
    to be held back anymore. Stock up food, water weapons, seeds, and emergency
    goods. you will need them.

  7. BablyonsKing

    look at the political HACKS! the worst bunch of fuc#ing shit to ever hit
    the congress. These assholes couldn’t lead me across the street and yet
    they call themselves our so called leaders. SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT….OFF
    WITH THIER HEADS! Starting with the little fuc#ed up fagotttt named NEWT

  8. sdndeath

    It’s Great the MSM number is much easier to swallow , so just go on living
    until your a number like me

  9. sinner amur

    You could dress Berntraitor up like a fox and let a Platoon of marines hunt
    him down all on pay for view. The Patriots would pay good money to see that
    , world wide audience you could make enough to pay for healthcare for the
    children. MOB RULES !!!!

  10. AztlanPrincess

    90% of all the jobs taken by ILLEGAL ALIENS are stolen from AFRICAN
    AMERICANS!!! Whites don’t CARE if blacks lose jobs!!! WHITES just want
    cheap labor!!! WHITES want AMNESTY for ILLEGALS!! WHITES want the DREAM ACT
    to pass and bring MORE cheap labor to AMERICA! SAVE AFRICAN AMERICAN’S JOBS

  11. woodmanbb

    once again there are no numbers that include self-employed people…as they
    do not in most cases qualify for unemployment

  12. BablyonsKing

    You all better not blame Obama for this. He just got handed his lunch and
    not in a pale like most kids his age. This shit all started way back when
    george bush sr. and that jack off ronald reagan who lived way past his time
    foolin around talkin shit with his trickle down crap. Wake up folks, the
    end is near for the US and there isn’t anything you all can do about it. We
    are going to see allot of theifin druggies robbing this country in plain
    site so get your GUNS LOADED and prepare for the WORST

  13. youpick4me

    I’d be curious to see how many new recruits for the military there are on a
    monthly term. I’d be surprised if it wasn’t going up with unemployment.

  14. smasila

    I wonder who they are driving the price of gold down this fast? Even if
    unemployment stabilized, gold shouldn’t be going down this fast. Something
    is fishy.

  15. chop98

    Yes. I agree. We will all be in the middle of it. However! 🙂 After this,
    and if enough information gets out about this government and how it’s
    actually ran, we can effect a change in how we really live. No more
    bullshit from the elite.

  16. sinner amur

    Symptoms of Subversion : you undermine society so it implodes. One of the
    most effective ways to do this is by counterfeiting the money supply.
    Federal Reserve Note – illegal currency because its counterfeit. (bill of
    credit) been going on since 1971. Your government wants you taxpayers dead
    !!! They want the Patriots in the sandbox dead too !!! Thus, the use of
    fiat money is more justifiable in financing a depression than in financing
    a war. Carroll Quigley Mission Accomplished – Subversion

  17. Boomer1949

    My son and his uncle have been unemployed for a year.. Does that mean they
    couldn’t find a job or does it mean they didn’t even seriously look? There
    is more to unemployment than numbers.

  18. U2ForNow

    Where I work at, we have started to hire again. Things are not that bad. I
    think they are in CA, but if you are still there, then thats your fault.

  19. RonPaulRepublic

    Ben Bern wasn’t he saying unemployment will go up and our economy will get
    better because of this? better for who

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