What Are The Advantages Of Having Stocks And Shares?

What it means to buy a company's stock

What it means to buy a company’s stock More free lessons at: http://www.khanacademy.org/video?v=98qfFzqDKR8.
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25 thoughts on “What Are The Advantages Of Having Stocks And Shares?

  1. christian garrison

    I am Havering way to much of a hard time understanding, but I am of sort of
    getting the idea. Great video khan

  2. FrogSqueal

    Be nice if he would stop repeating everything he says every time he writes
    it, that is really annoying. Otherwise, good material.

  3. odinmp5

    this video explains it better than most of the books I own. even my niece
    got it and she is only 12

  4. Thomas Fergus

    the unnamed company is CTI industries inc. They manufacture film products,
    ie packaging and containers, but most notably the make balloons.

  5. eli292

    Why are all of y’all bashing on him for a single mistake? Grammar nazi
    much? He knows double the stuff than you do than stfu

  6. acommunityofhermits

    It’s also done if the investor needs to cash out for some reason; perhaps
    they need capital for something else, or if it is their retirement fund and
    thy want to spend it now that they are retired.

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