Collecting My Coins

How far would you go to earn a few extra coins? Watch “The Real” audience do wild and crazy things in this fun segment, all in the name of cash! Find out whe…

16 thoughts on “Collecting My Coins

  1. Chavon Ford

    He was soooooo excited to help Tamar out sooooo freaking cute! They petty
    for those powder donuts tho lol

  2. sunkissed .beauty

    no offence but this show needs new content. its kind of a joke.. and i was
    rooting for them :(

  3. Owatta Lady777

    Why did they let her go New Jack City’s Pookie on those powder doughnuts
    for some pocket change like that?! Lmbo, with that white powder all over
    her face like that…all I could see is Haley Berry, Chris Rock, and her
    fightin’ on the rusty couch for the last bite of turkey!!! Dead…….ok,
    ain’t no coming back from that visual! 

  4. Misslovlii14

    I love The Real just as much as the next person, but this segment was a
    waste of time. The producers need to go and rework some things…

  5. Amari Sali

    Tell me why in the world he got 80 bucks for just putting on a tutu while
    the girl actually had some sort of challenge…

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