Kings Of Convenience – Gold for the Price of Silver

I think that silver’s chance of ending the year at a higher price is about the same as it ending the year at a lower price on 9/13/14 – this thought can chan…
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26 thoughts on “Kings Of Convenience – Gold for the Price of Silver

  1. rickmalone270

    Joe, have you done research or come across evidence that absolutely proves
    that what Harvey Organ was saying is false? You seem to be trying to
    discredit him for some reason. I mean, why him? Why not Maloney, Weir,
    Duane, etc.?

  2. Ernie Varitimos

    The vast majority of people don’t understand the first tenets of logic or
    critical thinking. People believe what they want to believe in order to
    fill this void, the fear of the unknown. So if a crackpot Silver idea
    alleviates the fear from unknowing, a person will adopt that theory… and
    logic be damned.

  3. jcattera

    Please allow me to explain…There is a economic war going on between the
    BRICS and the NWO. The BRICS are buying as much gold and silver as they can
    get their hands on. The lower the prices go, the more they buy. But why are
    prices going down? Because the physical market does not set the price, the
    paper market does. But the paper market is thought to be leveraged 100 to
    1, paper to physical. Once the physical dries up, and it is happening fast,
    the paper holders will demand silver, which of course isn’t there. The
    paper markets will probably default at this point, but I don’t know that
    for sure since they could settle in paper. Regardless, manipulation works
    for awhile, but then reality takes over. And the reality is there are a lot
    of dollars in the world economy that are being exchanged for real money,
    i.e. gold and silver. One other note, the lower the prices go, the faster
    the physical market will dry up. Why? Because mining companies will stop
    mining if the prices don’t support their expenses. So you see, even if we
    have deflation, PMs can only go so low. Right now, PMs are selling at
    average all-in costs; the time to buy is now!!

  4. Rex Argent

    The demand for products that require silver is forever rising.

    The ore grades are not yielding nearly as much silver today as they have in
    the past.

    Mines that are primarily silver producers are in danger of in many cases

    The gofo rate has been at zero or lower for a long time. This means gold
    should have gone up a long time ago. Gold and silver generally move

    Silver is being hoarded by more people now than ever. This means it’s being
    naturally remonetised by the people who are saving in silver.

    The currency has been inflated to levels of ridiculousness while interest
    rates are at dishonesty low levels.

    Geopolitics are highly unstable and are leaning towards war.

    Silver markets are manipulated by fraudulent futures trading. $2 billion is
    all it will take on the physical market to expose the fraud. China may
    eventually shed light on this soon.


  5. S. Dedalus

    If no one knows where the price will go and why, why invest in the first
    place? This game is a waste of time. Just own some gold and don’t think
    about it anymore.

  6. Grapeape104

    If there are no shortages as paid shills would make you believe, why can’t
    Germany get their gold back?

  7. Mom & Pops Channel

    1. silver can go in an uptrend

    2. silver can go in a down trend

    3. silver can go nowhere in a multi year consolidation

    4. who gives a fuck about silver

    5. just make money and move on 

  8. Grapeape104

    Harvey Organ gave his case for why he thinks silver will go up which I
    believe sounded logical and very plausible. You on the other hand admit you
    have no idea where price is going, compare him to a far fetched analogy
    about aliens with no explanation of why you think his inventory shortage is
    incorrect, yet you want us to think your a master and yet he is not worthy
    of you to listen to anymore??!! At least Harvey has not flip / flopped like

  9. jlk99us

    Where ever Silver goes, it does not mean that some of these theories about
    silver are incorrect, either… And your theory about aliens using silver
    in their spaceships is a strawman.

    But Good Video ;)

  10. AileronTrading

    H-nought … Null hypothesis

    If you bought the stock market index for one year since 2009, for every
    time on a Wednesday that the sun was shining at noon? You made money.

    Doesn’t mean there was a relationship, or that it was a winning method.

    But hey … you made money

  11. jonah70757

    How many more years before we get to see a hand stand? You might be to old
    by then…that also is a possibility.

  12. JaguarSBA

    Right now the metals and commodities seem to be tied to the fate of the
    yen. The correlation with usd/yen is uncanny over the last 8 years or so.

  13. bammbamm12

    Kitco never ceases to attribute causes to fluctuations. E.g., “silver drops
    as Yellen continues easing” – crap like that.

  14. Mathew Titus

    They use Praseodymium for their space transport vehicles. I’m buying
    Praseodymium – lots. But they’ll have to pay me in Silver for it ;)

  15. TheBagBalm

    The silver price is being manipulated by companies who uses silver. Look up
    Silver Users Association and their stock prices. 

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