Silver Morgan Dollars & Eagle picked up at face value

Here are a some silver dollars, a Seated Liberty, some Morgans, and a Silver Eagle – all picked up at face value. Hope you like the video. Thanks for watchin…

21 thoughts on “Silver Morgan Dollars & Eagle picked up at face value

  1. siedlolipop

    You should try to get cotton gloves, they are better when handling coins
    than the ones you are using, they are fairly cheap.

  2. rocky315w

    there you go again Jared ruining the party. No you are a wealth of
    information. Everyone when ever i have a coin question Jared is where i go.

  3. jared19962212

    Your 1844 CC is a fake. The Carson City mint first began to produce coins
    in 1870. I don’t know if the morgans and the eagle are fake but your 1844
    “CC” is 100% fake.

  4. TheGrindhouselover

    Ya, I also have an 1844 “cc” dollar, 100% fake. That coin was never made,
    fortunately you only paid $1 for it, and I got mine for free lol

  5. lanceoa

    for sure right?! I wish I still had that access, I knew what I was getting
    back then, but I didnt know that I’d be this obsessed 10 years later

  6. lanceoa

    I’ll try that on Monday.. I got tough mudder race tomorrow. Thx.. I’ll
    probably drop by a coin shop

  7. jared19962212

    It might not hurt to check the other coins with a magnet. I am also curious
    as to if the fake is magnetic or not. At least they only cost you a dollar
    a piece.

  8. jilausdo

    Congrats on the tough mudder, I heard it was pretty fun from a few guys
    that did it yesterday. I wish my credit union had neat junk (even if they
    are fakes)….

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