Gold / Silver, face value or by weight (you decide)

Here is some of my thought upon how to use gold, silver and presious metals as money sucessfully once again. I give you some of my thoughts on how this could…

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16 thoughts on “Gold / Silver, face value or by weight (you decide)

  1. otherside333

    Mexico is trying to do this. See article google “mexico to monetize silver”
    “The monetary value would be superior to the bullion value of the silver
    ounce by about 15%. This margin would allow a profit, called “seigniorage”,
    for the Central Bank. Since the coin would not have an engraved value,
    rises in the price of silver (which would tend to eliminate the seigniorage
    of the Central Bank) would be met with new, higher, Central Bank quotes for
    the monetary value of the coin. “

  2. cvenzke410

    @goldcurrent1 I’m talking about using gold & silver as curculating money
    once again in general everyday society. How could we do this sucessfully
    without running into problems that have happened in the past.

  3. goldcurrent1

    @cvenzke410 My thought is we won’t see that happen due to elemental
    properties. However, whatever we will end up seeing (post Dollar paper)
    WILL be backed by our favorite PMs 🙂

  4. Richlz28

    The half dollar dose have a know weight to it. The 1 ounce gold eagle has a
    $50 value on it. I do not think people are going to used that value of the
    stamp value of the coin.

  5. Platinum Gordon

    The money could just be 10g of gold, 100g of gold or 100g of silver. The
    money could just be represented in grams (g) in paper or coin – can always
    be redemed for the metal for the paper version perhaps

  6. commonlaw man

    Id just be happy if they brought back a partial backed currency, and put
    some gold silver coins back into circulation and i think the only way it
    would work farely is if you did it by weight . I think a lot of systems
    will work ,you just need some honest men to enforce it

  7. Tim Ramich

    I really have no faith in anything monetary anymore. If the dollar
    collapses, and we start using metals, I’ve heard the only coins that will
    be legal tender are ones from the US mint. OK, so a $1700 coin is then only
    worth $50 (face value)? At the same time $50 will also be a completely
    worthless amount of money. The only place weighted currency will work is a
    black market.

  8. craig bishop

    the govt wount let everyone starting silver and gold thay would lose
    control of the people .but the only way to sale gold and silver is by
    weight. but the market sets the price and it is driven by the dollar.we all
    might have a pace or two silver and gold but the govt. will never lets go
    back to gold and silver stander if we did the govt would lose all its taxes
    and would never know what a person truly worth. thank u

  9. M1siek

    Nice video. No, is any possibility to governments are back to gold and
    silver standard? In electronic money system time? I be happy to hold in a
    hand real money (silver and gold coins) instead of paper money or just
    Credit card.

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