Giant Drop 120 mt – Gold Coast Dreamworld

The tallest Drop Ride in the World. Amazing !!!

25 thoughts on “Giant Drop 120 mt – Gold Coast Dreamworld

  1. Gemma Gray

    Is 30m big? Cause im going on a drop ride at Edinburgh dungeons and that’s
    how big it is .
    …but its in the dark and I hate heights so can someone please let me know
    if a 30 meter drop is scary? Xxx

  2. gina negron

    Ohhhh heck no that’s crazy. 1 that’s way to high and 2 the fact that they
    leave you up there for a couple of seconds and then let’s you go that’s
    crazy. I would have peed my pants and probably got sick too

  3. 徐启凡

    absolutely NO.1 in dreamworld.I hate waiting on the top.It’s like torturing.
    of course the feeling of going down also kills me.
    did it twice,I guess I will try it another time.

  4. Madison Kathleen

    I went on a ride like that at my carnival not even half that hight maybe 75
    ft and that was to high i would never go on that

  5. nydya palma

    It’d be funny if they were just smiling waiting and waiting and waiting and
    smiling and they never went diwn

  6. brgb2001

    Holy poop yeah! Wtf is the point of going on the giant drop and filming so
    everyone can see what it’s like beforehand they go on it. LET THEM
    SUFFER!!!!!!! LET THEM FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES!!!!!!! They’ll survive, or
    will they? Ha ha ha!

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