Death Of The Dollar – Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 3- Mike Maloney

More: You may have heard stories on the news lately that suggest an international move away from the US Dollar is underway……

25 thoughts on “Death Of The Dollar – Hidden Secrets Of Money Ep 3- Mike Maloney

  1. Mike Maloney

    We just released an important update to this episode: MUST WATCH – End Of
    USA Economic Dominance? Death Of The Dollar Update

  2. Mike Maloney

    Hi all, here is and update on this presentation that shows even more golden
    nails in the dollars coffin: End Of USA Dominance – Nails In The Dollar
    Standard’s Coffin

    And here is a discussion on potential solutions: Mike Maloney’s Forum For A
    Monetary Solution – Bitcoin? Gold? Silver?

    Good luck to us all.

  3. Robert M

    check your bible no man will be able to buy or sell lest he have the mark
    of the beast, it also says if you take the mark you are going to be thrown
    into hell.
    does that sound like an opportunity to you.

  4. king micah

    I have a question. I am still in college meaning I barely have the cash to
    invest in gold to prepare for what is coming when the dollar falls so what
    am I to do when the dollar dies?

  5. David Butler

    i just had a thought. would you like to know why the system at the moment
    is fantastic beyond belief….

    1. increase in money supply = more work and more progress in technology T =
    information and education. (which is your No.1 priority)

    2.this is not a fiat currency problem in general its the banks lending that
    does the system over. (balance is key)

    3. control is possible. prolongs the positives witch are bigger than the

    4. if we changed the system look at the political side (i would rather make
    sure people like ISIS don’t get in control because of there values…..keep

    5. i would rather be a slave to morals in my country than to the morals of

    6. always keep 20% assets in silver and gold (people laugh at people buying
    at $50 dollars for silver and now its $17… i am not)

    7.the only thing that would destroy the U.S dollar is if the EU decided to
    stop accepting it as currency that my friend is when world war 3 would
    start. odds of that happening…. none. long term…. yes by the people not
    wanting it.

    8. Dont just buy gold and silver buy iridium, rhodium, and many other rare
    metals. expand your portfolio (physical) markets can crash.

    9. i believe the dollar will die but wont take the English pound with it
    based on are own money management (dam gordon brown for selling half of
    gold for the lowest price)

    10. growing food is like printing money….and remember to look after one
    another regarding any crisis

    so fiat money is great for the advancement of technology, other risk is to
    invest in Bitcoin…. i say its a risk but if bitcoin decided to put there
    servers in bunkers then it would be a safe and reliable “money”. but like
    anythink things have there ups and downs.

    is the weight of gold the same as security. like a bitcoin is it safe on
    the internet or the gold coin in your pocket? whats harder to steal? answer

  6. Omar G

    This is alot of great information (and wonderfully produced video)…but my
    question is:
    How will we know the gold coin we are being paid for services/goods is real
    gold? Or .999 gold? Or gold plated? 

  7. timmy888999

    I don’t think we are going back to GOLD, Fiat currency is clearly doomed as
    it’s cheating system. Capitalism will go along with it, MATERALISTIC age,
    minerals, stocks, mining is coming to and END.

  8. Ben Strahan

    My bet is a decentralized crypto-currency as the new standard. If world
    currencies start to collapse and gold/silver is not easily transferred then
    organically people will start to use crypto-currency. +whygoldandsilver please
    do a video on your research on the possibility of a crypto-currency like
    Bitcoin as the next monetary standard.

  9. jefe Anson

    Remember , war is about money, not a righteous battle against evil. Kahdafi
    was attacked as soon as he created a new gold standard for his country
    which would have made them one othe wealthiest countries on earth per
    capita. Commerce and control of money supply is war in its self, even every
    American president that was assassinated or attempted was trying to get rid
    of central banks and toxic fiat currency. Wilks booth was the son in law of
    a prominent banker and had Lincoln assassinated for attempting to get rid
    of the central banking system. Remember war is about who controls the
    currency and money supply. 

  10. Audrey Irvine

    I have a question. We talk about the Fed creating all this money and the
    risk of inflation. But the banks have been creating credit every time they
    make loans, an that includes all our credit card debt. Why hasn’t bank
    created money created inflation? I haven;t seen any stats on the amount of
    money loaned into existence but it must be huge What is the difference
    between bank created money and Fed created money?

  11. Jacob Smith

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  12. Adnane TruthSeeker

    What can the citizens, in north African Countries, do in order to stop
    their governments from stealing their time and freedom and giving to the
    central banks in exchange for pieces of paper “money”, that have no value

  13. David R

    One problem is that there isnt a law that states a grain of gold is ten
    dollars, and the other problem is that there is no tax to bring the dollar
    value back up with gold.

  14. m sparkle

    so what is going to happen to Caribbean currencies pegged to the US
    dollars? e,g the eastern caribbean dollars ? screwed??

  15. RaffyR55

    I like the way you interact with the people and how much you simplify the
    videos. Very well done. I’m a keep watching them back to back so I could
    get a full better understanding and share. This is great info.

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