Mike Maloney: $2,000 or $5,000 Gold is Absurdly Low – Gold Price Will Double the Dow

Mike Maloney: ,000 or ,000 Gold is Absurdly Low - Gold Price Will Double the Dow

http://usawatchdog.com/gold-price-will-double-the-dow-mike-maloney/ – Mike Maloney of GoldSilver.com says our monetary system is doomed. Maloney contends, “I…
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25 thoughts on “Mike Maloney: $2,000 or $5,000 Gold is Absurdly Low – Gold Price Will Double the Dow

  1. Howzyer Bippy

    heeee haaaw
    the day this was uploaded 9-10-13 silver was $23 today 9-16-14 silver is
    down to $18.64
    DOWN 23% in less than a year eeeeeeeOUCH!
    What would you say about the BANKSTERS if you deposited $1000 into their
    bank last September and you went to the bank today to pull your money out-
    and all they would give you was $770

  2. Nigee Bear

    When is Mr Maloney going to come out and tell people he has got this
    totally wrong. Get Rich quick, how about losing over half your wealth
    investing in precious metals. i’ll be the first to admit he was right if
    this ever happens, but to me it’s a lot of hot air. Silver now $16.00 just
    keeps going down and down, with no bottom in sight.

  3. Mister Gold Academy

    Mike Maloney has some good points Technically the price targets will take
    considerable time to attain. In reality, Janet Louise Yellen and the new
    FED governors are dovish and they hold majority vote. More QE is very
    likely. Prudent investors buy gold in dips but gold must be bought at the
    lowest price possible. This is a good time to buy more gold for mid to long
    term investors but it must be bought correctly and at the right price.
    People must protect themselves and should have the proper tools to buy

  4. Michael Dillon

    Hey Mike, I would like to hear how much gold you are holding and how much
    silver?? You talk a big game lets see the pudding.

  5. Marosko Lajcak

    just a thought: if gold goes up to say 50000 overnite, wouldn`t the FED be
    able to pay of the debt with 40 times less gold? (50000:1250) 

  6. Trish House

    If personal freedom is part of the equation then we need land reform.
    People cannot be free if they depend on the corp/gov for their survival but
    to live everyone needs a land base, a comfortable shelter and the means to
    a food supply. The white culture insists that these things are privileges
    bought by years of dedicated propitiation to the oligarchs and their
    systems. Indigenous populations usually freely share the land and its
    resources as if each person born has as human rights free access to the
    means to their survival. As long as we fail to claim our human rights we
    will continue to be slaves to the white man systems. Free land = free
    people. Free People make very different choices about the rules that govern
    them than slaves do. Let’s agree to stop being slaves. 

  7. Bevin Chu

    Maloney explains gold prices really well.
    Basically it’s not that gold (and silver) prices will go incredibly high
    It’s more that the dollar will be debased to incredibly low levels by
    runaway government.
    The price in dollars is merely a reflection of the ratio between the two.
    It’s because gold stays roughly the same, while the dollar becomes nearly

  8. Tony Trenton

    Is there gold in the reserve at Fort Knox ??

    I suspect not

    If I were an share holder in the Fed reserve . I would know that the $ as a
    fiat currency would fail .

    This means converting my $ to Gold ASAP.

    Anybody else have thoughts on this subject ??

  9. sickreads

    so when in the shit is this going to happen you assholes because I bought
    into your bullshit two years ago invested 15K in gold and silver and guess
    what I’ve lost my ass ever since!!!!!

  10. Robert Watson

    Actually Yes – I can mention something that is today – less than half of
    its all time high which occured in the 1970’s – Sugar!

  11. End Times Warehouse

    Greg, just found this video. Great interview. Notice how he said not only
    to have gold but also a food supply and a gun?

  12. spyknife

    I bought gold at $1240 an ounce, and already Im regretting it.But I bought
    it not as an investment but because I liked the one ounce gold coin.
    But honestly this guy is talking crap, but gold will go up in the next
    couple of months as the US government shuts down AGAIN due to the debt
    ceiling issue.

  13. Apillbox

    How the fuck can they back the dollar by gold, they dont hold any gold, and
    they dont produce shit in the west

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