Gold Price Manipulation | Mike Maloney & James Turk

Gold Price Manipulation | Mike Maloney & James Turk

James Turk, founder of, and Michael Maloney of discuss, IMF gold and the possibility of gold prices being manipulated. …

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  1. jganun

    Let’s say you live in a State that charges Sales Tax on bullion: coins,
    bars, all of it. And let’s just say this tax is 7%. And you have a round
    figure of $100,000 to invest, so, your Sales Tax would be $7,000; kind of
    weakens the value of your investment. Buying out of State is no option,
    because if you bring it into your jurisdiction, you owe “Use Tax”, which is
    the Sales Tax under a fiction. So you have to buy from a jurisdiction that
    won’t tax the purchase, and deliver to storage in another jurisdiction
    likewise. The saying “If you can’t hold it, you don’t own it”, starts to
    affect your confidence. Isn’t the U.S.A. the country most likely to try to
    save it’s currency by precious metals nationalization? So, international
    storage beckons. But in a worldwide currency crisis, which country would
    be immune from the urge to save itself with your gold? Hong Kong is really
    part of China, which is hungry for gold. Singapore is a city-state too
    weak to argue if major powers demand remittance of their citizens’
    holdings. Australia and all the English-speaking countries are equally
    collectivist in their willingness to sacrifice individuals’ rights.
    Switzerland? Maybe. But, really, isn’t the possession of a monetary
    asset in a time of monetary crisis, a lightning rod for confiscation? In a
    perfect world, gold and silver would seem to be good investments, but like
    a man on the street with a pocket full of cash, aren’t the muggers and
    pickpockets of government and central banking too big a risk? 

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