Silver & Gold: Valuable At Any Price

Silver & Gold: Valuable At Any Price

No matter the price of Gold & Silver, the value remains the same.

25 thoughts on “Silver & Gold: Valuable At Any Price

  1. Brice CoinsAndRelics

    Excellent video. Very good advice here. It is always good to pick up some
    precious metals when the price dips lower. Don’t want to miss out on any
    opportunities the market gives you.

  2. MrMnmn911

    Good encouragement to stay focused on the “why” or most of the silver
    community’s real reason for buying SalivateMetal. I’m still anticipating
    silver dropping down to $17. On one of Brother JohnF’s recent videos, said
    the chart showed that the silver price could go down to $15…whoa. I’m
    saving for a tube of American Silver Eagles and have enough for 13, so I’m
    almost there. So I am anticipating an even lower price dip and hope to be
    ready to buy should the price drop that low. Thanks for the vid.

  3. MrVegiita

    It is when we have such pull backs, metals look out of favor but go on
    sale, and yet, people probably shy away from buying

  4. DaleCooper444

    I bought my first ounce of silver when I was 12yo…I think it was about
    $4…wish I had bought more at that price!!!

  5. MrMonkeySwag96

    You are wise to buy precious metals when the spot prices were extremely
    low. I wish I could buy a St. Gaudens double eagle for $310! It cost me
    $353 to buy an Indian head quarter eagle and $517 to buy a Liberty head
    half eagle.

  6. Brian TheLog

    Your kitty was over powered by those gold and silver coins! Man if gold was
    $350 an oz i would not be collecting as much silver as i do. Then again if
    silver was $8 bucks an oz i might have to get crazy lol. Maybe i can tell
    my grandkids about the days of $18 dollar silver and $1200 dollar gold and
    have them be shocked. 

  7. 24K ArabiaFelix

    I think what we are seeing now is the end of a decade sale that will run
    out before we really can capitalize on it, i just hope these low prices
    continue for a little while longer!!!

  8. halfdollar1

    It’s looking like sale time to up my gold stack. Looks like some online
    dealers are being trolls though by inching up premiums at this time

  9. ThesharpNshiny

    Great video as usual. Every so-often we need a reminder of why we are doing
    what we are doing. The price day-to-day shouldn’t weigh too heavy on us.
    Keep stacking

  10. sodthong

    Added another 10oz of silver today, and watched this with a big smile on my
    face. Well said Sir..

  11. TrailerJoeHere

    Salivate great job I rememeber gas at 29.9 per gallon and 1.00 dollar would
    of bought you 12 candy bars. 

  12. Harry Kraus

    True and certain, friend Salivate Metal. An ounce of silver is worth…
    An ounce of silver. This never changes.

  13. SilverStackerKid

    I keep telling people this. Get exited when the price drops because you
    will be able to preserve your wealth even more! 


    I think of it as a late summer sale!!…other people must also…went to
    Provident metals web site… (i know there not the biggest co.) And they
    are out of a lot of stuff…only had 1 type of 5oz silver bar to
    sell…humm..p.s. i think kitty took a nip or two before the video.

  15. Hoverbot1TV

    Kitty knows there is a lot of cat food in them packages, :o) gold use
    though is dependent on the middle class for demand and value and that
    economic group has been shrinking globally. Exchange and security is still
    a huge issue imo not many open coin dealers in eastern ukraine these days.

  16. Scott Segal

    It was reassuring after a few tough weeks for gold and silver to hear these
    words of wisdom from soft kitty, as spoken through her spokesman

  17. Fiete Sao

    Hey, i think Cigarets are very Important too in a big Crises!!!! In Germany
    we have here 1944-1949 the Cigaretes Currancy you can Buy everythink with
    your Cigarets…..

  18. frankp362

    Thank you for sharing that video brother man I enjoyed it to the max. Oh
    and by the way if you are selling any of those coins with the prices that
    are listed on them I will take three of each please….lol….i wish 

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