Silver Could Be Gold Times Ten – Mike Maloney

More: As Mike Maloney said in last week’s video – right now we have the biggest opportunity in history laid at ou…

In this interview with Alasdair Macleod we discuss Friday’s news that the CME and Thomson Reuters have been chosen to run the replacement for the 117-year ol…
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49 thoughts on “Silver Could Be Gold Times Ten – Mike Maloney

  1. Ace1000ks1975

    Looks like people don’t care about precious metals, it isn’t a interesting
    investment anymore.

  2. Peter Gozinya

    I remember earlier this year when silver was hovering around $20/oz and all
    the silver gurus were saying that it couldn’t go any lower because $20/oz
    was the cost to dig it out of the ground. So much for that theory. Buying
    silver/gold now is like trying to catch a falling knife. Let your
    conscience be your guide. Was anyone else shocked when Mike acknowledged
    the possibility that gold could fall to $100/oz ? 

  3. TrichsRUs

    The reason China is buying up all the pm is to back the yen. Once the the
    yen is backed it will be accepted as world reserve currency. Im betting
    that this is also the reason why gold and silver is getting pummeled. I
    wouldn’t doubt that China told them to do it so they can get it at rock
    bottom prices or risk being in default.

  4. Randy Wen

    So many honest good folks have been hurt by the gold promoters and lost
    their not only wealth but the ability to invest in other markets because
    their life saving’s locked into metals which are underwater; meanwhile,
    they’re hoping the sky will fall any day now so that the only thing left
    standing is gold and silver (somehow) and they’ll be rich.

    Wake up! There’s a time and place for everything but right now is NOT the
    time for gold and silver especially if you live in the US. Expect metals
    to continue their up 1 day down 2 days slide into the low 1000’s or worse
    and remain bearish because let’s be honest here — a few percentage of the
    population buying something will not bring upon a real bull market which is
    what the $50,000/oz promoters are shouting about. You need a large broad
    base of buyers to have a bull market and you just don’t have that right now.

    Sell your metals and buy some stocks, it just might save your life.

  5. WiseSilverWolf

    Silver has been getting pummeled these last 2 years, its really
    disheartening for people that purchased when it was in the $30’s to see it
    drop to less than $20.

  6. William Todd

    Sure, right, that’s why the price of silver keeps plummeting because its
    going to be more than gold that’s such a joke. Gold and silver are only
    worth what the stock market gamblers want it to be. Once the market
    crashes it won’t be worth anything. There isn’t a gold standard anymore,
    so there isn’t anything for it to be worth other than what someone claims
    its worth. 

  7. Nunya Bizniz

    The further the PM’s drop, the higher they will rise. But I don’t think we
    see a trough until 2016. Capital is fleeing conflict around the world and
    being parked in dollars. Dollar strength is metals weakness. When capital
    flows reverse and leave America is when the metals will truly shine!

  8. BostonNomads

    Mike, why do you keep buying those $150,000 Tesla cars? Why don’t you buy
    a Ford Fusion instead, and take your $120,000 savings and buy silver with
    it? I mean, if you really think silver is the greatest thing since the jet
    engine, rarer than gold, going to da moon, yadda yadda yadda…wouldn’t
    buying a less expensive car and buying silver with your savings be a wiser
    investment to make with your worthless fiat?

  9. Jamie Evans

    I hope the rest of your video was explaining how the relationship between
    commodities and the Dow Jones is influenced, otherwise your predicting the
    location of an earthquake by intersecting the coordinates of earthquakes
    through chronology. Some things you can draw meaningful trend lines on,
    like the oscillation of a sine wave, because there is an underlying
    baseline or mathematical function… This? No way.

  10. martin prince

    When times get rougher than they are now, real necessities will be the what
    people want, not gold and silver!

  11. jert38

    The problem with your theory here is that all of your data comes from the
    Federal Reserve paradigm era. I’ve concluded that the Fed system will crash
    so it’s probably foolish to use data from this period to make predictions
    for a different future system.

    Since 1987 the Fed has suppressed interest rates below market value which
    has created an enormous amount of malinvestment. I don’t think any of these
    Dow firms would exist in a familiar form in a free market. So what does the
    DJIA mean? 

  12. hag12100

    Silver’s performance during the Great Recession was better, in some ways,
    than gold. The ratios were better for silver; however, gold is still the
    number one standard. If we’ve another recession, I expect silver to
    performance like it did during 2007-2010, maybe better.

  13. theslimeylimey

    Question: What’s the point of historical charts that look at gold/silver in
    an almost closed system of decades ago to the very open global system we
    have today? It seems like comparing apples and oranges.

  14. yifuj

    The premise is a laissire-faire free market environment. But since the
    re-introduction of silver/gold price fixing in the late 50s both directly
    through London Bullion Market Association benchmark prices and the
    introduction of ‘paper’ silver in the form of derivatives, unallocated
    bullion, futures and options, the price of silver has long remained
    detached from traditional market forces, at least to the extent condoned by
    the manipulators. A look at the graph clearly shows the disconnect.

  15. topseyshakehands

    Whats fair value atm , well i would rather be cash rich atm , rather than a
    metals bug, sorry.


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  17. g bruceg

    As they are speaking about gold at $1340.00, the “smack-down” police have
    the squeeze on, in full effect. Gold down -> $25.79 so far…
    What’s it going to be when the rubber band, finally breaks….???

  18. bahamabrz

    QE may be “enriching the rich”, but world monetary policies and the ongoing
    suppression of precious metals prices will give the stackers their day.
    Personally, I am thoroughly enjoying these suppressed prices, and I am
    looking forward to the day when the silver and gold shorts will be forced
    to cover.
    It isn’t a matter of if. It’s a matter of when.


  19. hal0bend

    Rory, you should have some crypto currency(bitcoin, litecoin, etc). Maybe
    not a ton but at least enough that you are comfortable with it. my 2

  20. JP YingYang

    Great info, thanks! “The Big Reset” of the world economy is imminent! From
    then on, it will be chaos around the world. Brace yourself and be prepared!

  21. TheTexasbuddy

    What makes anyone think they have a right to regulate gold or silver prices
    for the entire World? Would it be possible to eliminate this small group
    of price manipulators? Does this group realize the majority of people
    think this manipulation is dishonest and at this very moment, this group
    should be serving many years in prison? Times are strange, printing fiat
    money and manipulating silver and gold prices are legal!!! Something is
    wrong with this picture.

  22. Rhal Hal

    This is the best interview I’ve heard in a long time. Alasdair sees a more
    international side of the problem that really fills out my understanding.

  23. drewzillasaurusrex

    They’re just going to have to fix the price higher and higher. It’s all
    about the dips and the low hanging fruit.

  24. subversive7777

    I lost my political virginity on 911… Im tryin to repair my financial
    hymen. Please help..

  25. lukigrl

    What more do you need to decide if a man is bad or good, other then to look
    at the wake they leave behind them. A wake of debt and death will never be
    seen as good. Not by me anyway!

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