Tara Middleton Shares Her Story

One of Tamar’s biggest fans, 31-year-old Tara Middleton, shares her emotional story of being diagnosed with brain cancer. Despite being terminally ill, this …

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24 thoughts on “Tara Middleton Shares Her Story

  1. RoyalMasterpiece

    We need more stories like this. Love how she turned her situation into
    helping others. God bless her and her foundation. 


    That’s very admirable of her to start that charity, and I’m glad she met
    Tamar. Wishing her all the best. 

  3. LionessOfBeauty

    This episode made me cry, like seriously!! I really loved this segment and
    how Tamar kept her composure. Sometimes you just got to be that happy
    spirit around someone who is going through it, just to make them smile.
    That’s exactly what Tamar did through her TV show w/ her crazy self. And
    wow Lonnie was even crying. (Not saying it in a bad way/I just see her
    making jokes or laughing)…This young lady did something great through her
    story. I know God is w/ her and through Him she will be able to overcome in
    this time in her life…shoot, she’s already doing it

  4. Alan Byerhoff

    My wife and I are just in awe of Tara’s spirit! May God watch over her and
    her family! Blessings Tara and stay strong prayers are with you

  5. Danithza Anaya

    +Tara Middleton Wow, you are a truly amazing woman. This can show how a
    woman can be happy no matter the situation. You are my motivation to keep
    on going through thick and thin. Good luck with everything. God bless you!

  6. dn2021

    I am so impressed with you Tara! You are an inspiration to me and I am so
    grateful that you spread your message.

  7. Kathy Shider

    I always knew Tara was a strong person, her courage is not going to
    waiver. This shows she understands that God is in control of everything.

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