pt 1/3 The End of Silver Price Manipulation, Price To Go Much Higher! (Ted Butler)

Chris Interviews Ted Butler: The End of Silver Price Manipulation…
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18 thoughts on “pt 1/3 The End of Silver Price Manipulation, Price To Go Much Higher! (Ted Butler)

  1. 123ableTHERollyboy

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  2. zmelli

    Only 1 comment? oh I forgot only 1% of the North American population are
    taking part in the Silver bull run.

  3. Asto C

    Hahahaha.. I knew someone at Citi who worked in Futures in 2006 and he was
    talking about this then… OLD OLD OLD NEWS>>>

  4. str009

    Silver is good for so many reasons. A few years ago, I bought a bunch of
    physical silver, plus invested in SLV. Silver went way up. A year or so
    ago, I sold the SLV and paid off my house, and still hold my much more
    valuable physical stock. I expect the physical to continue to go up, but
    silver’s already paid off big for me. I can’t recommend it enough.

  5. mumbleye

    @zmelli because we’ve been dumbed down to the point of numbness. the only
    thing the other 99% care about are 72″ lcd tvs, 50,000 dollar chevy
    silverados, and texting while driving. americans have become sedated
    materialistic drones that love to piss away money . my 5 grand investment
    in silver(5months ago) is now worth 8 grand. not too shabby if you ask me

  6. fntime

    @TimothyADonaghue You are right about the market, but manipulation is
    possible in the short run. Anyone who are buying silver leveraged, can
    really get hurt. You can be right about the long term and get wiped out.

  7. damienrockaterror

    Even beanie babies are a better investment than US dollar now. Ty is no
    longer producing beanie babies but the federal reserve is on auto inflate.

  8. TheNeoIlluminatus

    @TimothyADonaghue Facts are Facts-that’s why it’s called “manipulation”,
    and it’s an unknown and unknowable factor-do YOU know what they’ll do next?
    No. GAAP only works in a free economy-ANY outside manipulation-whether by
    Huge Private Industries (in this case Int’l bankers) or Government (Both
    intangibles, both happening)-throws the law of supply & demand in
    trash-basic Economics 101-esp. in the tiny $40 billion Silver market. You
    think you’re smarter than Trillionaires?HA!

  9. gspotjazz

    Everyone loves and respects Ted Butler and Chris Martenson. You two guys
    are so knowledgeable! Thanks for keeping us informed and educated. Your
    work is greatly appreciated.

  10. RCPCTermite

    @zmelli if the “99%” Occupying street corners would educate themselves they
    would figure out that there is a silent protest available to them in the
    purchase of silver. If the trust fund babies would demand the physical many
    of them may own in paper promises and every person go buy as much as they
    reasonably can…this would crash the system they’re protesting! END THE

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