Official Call of Duty®: Ghosts Goldrush Map Preview

Goldrush takes players to an abandoned gold mine. Quickly traverse the map through the active minecart system and central elevating platform. Commentated by …
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25 thoughts on “Official Call of Duty®: Ghosts Goldrush Map Preview

  1. BARY

    R.I.P CoD 🙁 im a pro CoD gamer & i had a hundreds K.E.Ms in ghosts but to
    be honest ,, u let us down ,, ghosts so sucks ,, the online players on BO2
    and MW3 much MORE !!

    the big youtubers such as pamaj & others ,, playing BO2 & MW3 & MW2 ,,
    guess why ?

    ,, why u do this infinty ward ? We told you what we wanted and you just
    did your own thing. You made the game not for fans, you made it to try to
    get more money.

    i didnt believe that some day i’ll say BF > CoD
    we only want a war game ,, at least remaster MW or MW2 thats it 🙁 is that
    too much for u ?? damn ,, and stopppp sucks map packsss its too much >_< give us a new scorestreaks its tooo bad ,, maps so bad spawn system soo bad why why and yeah btw 😀 u promised us by a servers in the nex Gen ? 😀 what happened ? we still lagging :/ tnx !!

  2. Sausage'N'Mash

    Can’t wait experience the LAG first hand!!! Lovin those dedicated servers
    IW :/ can’t wait test that on yet another camp infested shitty map

  3. Its Assassin


  4. Howard Ehana

    What happened to all those dedicated servers you promised us at e3? I still
    see people hosting every time and when the host eaves we all get booted. I
    want an honest explanation.

  5. xXxtreyTVxXx

    Dear *Infinity Ward*,
    The game called Call of Duty:Ghosts is a piece of shit. I don’t know if the
    Call of Duty fans told you, but now you know. We told you what we wanted
    and you just did your own thing. You made the game not for fans, you made
    it to try to get more money. This game killed the cod player inside me. I
    have no more hope for cod because of you. I will never buy a Call of Duty
    game that was made by you never again. P.S I want the people who made
    Ghosts fired.

  6. Tom Monty

    Seems like a great DLC. Shame it had to be on COD Ghosts, I would of made
    the purchase if it was on any other COD.

  7. TheFoxyPirate

    Okay, Im going to say ghosts is actually fun. The reason people say it
    sucks is because they suck at it. A game isn’t trash just because some
    players are idiots and campers, it’s THIER fault, not infinity wards! Now
    I’m going to get replies of people saying different reasons why it sucks.
    But I don’t care, I’m just a cod player who likes ghosts. remember,
    everyone is entitled to THIER own opinion! The reason I’m posting this
    comment is because I’m getting sick of people blaming infinity ward because
    of the campers and noobs. BLAME THE NOOBS AND CAMPERS, NOT INFINITY WARD. 

  8. Kardemaniac

    eyecancer….I am not very good at CoD, but those guys who tried to kill
    that guy in the minecart are just giving me eyecancer…

  9. supermankey7

    Another commentary?! What happened to the cinematic previews like with the
    Egypt one and the Pirate Bay or the Mariachi Guy

  10. Chicken Pot Noodle!!!!!!

    Ghosts = yawnfest. Only thing Infinity ward do right is the graphics look
    awesome. Can’t wait for treyarch’s next game 

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