Buy silver, gold bullion bars, coins, ingots, bitcoin litecoin, feathercoin in the UK

My worst mistake was getting rid of this…
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25 thoughts on “Buy silver, gold bullion bars, coins, ingots, bitcoin litecoin, feathercoin in the UK

  1. aaronkoh88

    Cool Collection of silver bars. Malaysian and currently keeping dirham
    silver. Would like to buy some foreign bars for diversification. Any
    assistance where i can get hold of those types of silver?

  2. NUN YAH

    @SuperSilverdream Are people prevented from buying “Gold or Silver” outside
    of their own countries???. i am hearing that those in the U.K are having a
    hard time trying to buy gold or silver from the U.S.

  3. berlinwood39

    @pyrofreak444 hey im aslo 12 and by the end of the year i will have 25-30
    oz of silver hopefully i have 7 oz so far 5 oz on hand and 2 oz in the mail
    and yea i want the price to go down alot and then sky rocket so we all can
    get some cash if we need it

  4. Jared Graff

    i 13 and h i have 21 but good job i have so much cuz i have a job selling
    candy at school good job

  5. bullsnutsoz

    @sidewallfusion good on ya mate you are so true, but dont forget to get a
    shitload of food to see out the storm and tempest.

  6. abcd1119123

    he meant, why are you touching the silver? it tarnishes it, you should use
    gloves to maintain its lustre

  7. stephendmanning

    I like the purchasing of metals for any upcoming financial disaster. I sold
    my coins for a remote property near the beach for long term survival. Now I
    have shelter and food with some trading metals if my currency gets
    completely devalued and my social security becomes non existant and the USA
    becomes a hell on earth.

  8. kadarstaf

    Money, gold, silver is the measure without a standard. If the shares will
    be infinitely cheaper, then they have no one to trade. Stocks must become
    ever cheaper.

  9. spassycar

    The price of gold is fixed twice a day over the phone by the London Bullion
    Association at 1030 GMT and 1500 GMT.The 5 members of the association are
    Barclays Bank.Bank of Nova Scotia,Societie Generale,Deutsche Bank and HSBC.
    If you get the chance watch the movie The Wizard of OZ Oz as on ounces of
    gold and yellow brick road as in the price of gold.Enjoy.

  10. lifelessperson1993

    It shouldn’t matter, as long as the weight doesn’t change, if your gonna
    sell it anyways… but yeah, as collectors pieces no one wants scratched
    bars 🙂

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