Prices Skyrocket for New Kennedy Gold Coin at ANA World’s Fair of Money. VIDEO: 12:38.

Prices Skyrocket for New Kennedy Gold Coin at ANA World’s Fair of Money. VIDEO: 12:38.

David Lisot, Producer, The new Kennedy 50th anniversary gold coin was released at the American Numismatic Association World’s Fair of Money in …

14 thoughts on “Prices Skyrocket for New Kennedy Gold Coin at ANA World’s Fair of Money. VIDEO: 12:38.

  1. coinweek

    Thank you for the comments. Will do my best to get to SilverTowne for
    additional interview. Some folks may think this is abuse of a new issue
    commemorative but it seems to be getting national attention about coin
    collecting. Numismatics needs all the participants it can get. We will keep
    following this story.
    David Lisot,, Producer.

  2. Brian TheLog

    This coin if it was limited mintage would be a crazy score! But the mint
    will probably keep minting them because of the demand. Who knows what will

  3. Illinination1977

    I bet Dave Hendrickson thinks this is the greatest, because he paid 100’s
    of people to show up the night before and stand in line and get him coins!
    For the rest of us though that were there to get a coin for a collection
    straight up honestly, by themselves, without a ‘team’ working for them, he
    turns what should have been a great experience into a complete circus and a
    farce. He’s no better then any ticket scalper, if he thinks this increases
    interest he should think again. I personally will never buy another coin
    from Silvertowne after I heard about these tactics. How is your average
    citizen supposed to compete with big business dealers like Silvertowne? 

  4. Brian TheLog

    Btw this makes me mad because these people dont know shit about coins or
    numismatics. All these people care about is making money. The coin grading
    is a damn scam too such a shame but if there is a way to make money people
    will do it!

  5. whatdoyouseehere

    Great video, Will wait til the dust settles. I think the price will go
    down after a few months. Only time will tell.

  6. Numis Mm

    By the Way David – you need to check out Brian the Log’s Videos on You Tube
    as Well as
    Mr. Vegita and
    Salivate Metal,
    Big Stack McGee,
    Half Dollar,
    Silverfish VT (the kind of founder of this UTube community with his
    signature vid a couple of years ago…”silver stack how bad do you want
    Amongst others (take a look at my Subs and their subs… sorry guys, too
    many to list!)
    If you search you tube under “silver coins or silver stackers”, many of
    these folks will come up. These videos are being done by young people who
    started “stacking silver”, because the of the economy and have grown into
    Numismatists over time by realizing the greater value of not only silver,
    but the collector value of Numismatic or “semi-numismatic” coins. This is
    in my opinion the single most growing and thriving segment of the market of
    younger people that are interested in the hobby, and are slowly learning
    about Numismatics. Many will be going this year as the first year the ANA
    show. I think it would be prudent for CW, NN, Coin World, etc to reach out
    to these folks in furtherance of promoting the hobby.

  7. Numis Mm

    Indeed, it is quite the legal and economic “abuse” maybe a strong word but
    at least a great move. Look Leon, of blessed memory didnt build what he
    did without some smart moves, like releasing hordes of Morgans slowly and
    spread out in geographic locations so as not to bring down the price with
    the increased supply. Here his son, is increasing (albeit more overtly)
    the demand (and price), by limiting the supply. We had buds that went to
    the show specifically to get the coin, 1 or 2 to add to their collection,
    and they were closed out before the show even started. I guarantee you
    that everyone except maybe one guy you interviewed had no idea about the
    coin, just to stand in line for one of the big dealers. I am surprised
    that only ST was called out on this, i am sure the other big dealers had
    folks there as well. I wonder how day #2 will go,,, can the ‘same people”
    be in line or does the stamped hand negate that if with permanent ink? or
    will there be another couple hundred people bused in or offered through
    Craigs List? I wonder how ST managed the opportunity for them. Most of
    those folks didnt look like collectors. Interesting how Mr. ANA Pres
    avoided the question, great slide and duck, he is a good guy though and
    trying to do the best he can for the ANA with great investment in
    technology and upgrades to the organization. I am sure he enjoys the
    publicity, unfortunately, the big dealers put it at the expense of the
    average Joe collector. I wonder if the large dealers collaborated together
    as to who would be the “Craigs List” recruiter on which day of the show,
    and maybe between themselves organized that effort. Dave’s Dad smartly did
    it in other ways, no reason why it wouldnt be done here. For those of you
    who want to learn more about ST and its growth and behind the scenes, read
    the founder of ST’s Leon Hendrickson’s book! It is an amazing story!!

  8. Numis Mm

    David great video. Keep us posted for those that couldn’t make it to the
    show this year. Great interviews. Expand interview with Dave Hendrickson…
    imo the King or son of the king of numismatic economics. Pure genious.

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