Stock Market Tutorial – The Only Video You’ll Ever Need

Stock Market Tutorial - The Only Video You'll Ever Need

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24 thoughts on “Stock Market Tutorial – The Only Video You’ll Ever Need

  1. Hanno Phoenicia

    For the middle class investor, BUY AND HOLD. Formal investing in stocks are
    long term, towards a future retirement and other long term needs. Rebalance
    as conditions change, of course, but never often and never in a panic sell.

    If you diversify aggressive growth with safer investments that earn less,
    you’ll be safe and will survive a crash. Diversification is a core rule of

    Before formal investing, make sure you first have a 6 month emergency cash
    account. It won’t earn anything, but it’s liquid, no tax events and
    remember, NO job is safe. In addition, if you have debt, make sure you have
    a plan of debt repayment in progress. If these are taken care of, you can
    afford formal investing.

    I’m a retired older boomer. I retired a little early after a long career,
    no regrets. 

  2. Bradly Summer

    I have been stock trading for 3 years now. the first 1 and half years like
    many beginners where terrible, I had no guidance and lost a lot of money in
    the process. My luck only turned around because of a stock genius called
    Jason Brown. I may not be a millionaire yet but $500000 in 6 months is not
    bad. I recommend you join Jason Bond Pick, i promise you won’t 

  3. serpentscientist

    I appreciate this introduction to trading you made. Gave me a practical
    window into the game. Also some gems (precise tips) of what to avoid! Got
    much more research to do -seen about 25-35 videos on the subject so far,
    repeating the same classroom stuff mostly, but yours had some of the most
    useful unique lessons based from personal experience. Thanks for sharing
    your harder lessons openly. Also, I appreciate you really emphasizing the
    awareness of losing it all. No delusions of grandeur because its a reality
    not to b underestimated. 

  4. john smith

    u got the bid/ask explanation completely wrong. bid is the demand side. u
    got it the other way around! ridiculous.

  5. Foxxtrott1100

    This was a great video. I’m 45 and sitting on some liquid assets. Would
    appreciate a chance to chat with you. Please let me know if you have a few
    moments to spare.

  6. TheBooban

    3:22 starts here. Long winded start. Don’t be fooled by his “without
    further adieu” that he says 3 times and doesn’t start.

  7. Gregory Lynch

    I am just going out and saying stock trading is not boring at all. It is
    extremely fun, leaning about those numbers and arrows that are bad if red
    or some bull crap like that. Screw you and your red arrows. Stocks kill
    people, just think about wall street. My dad (lance Armstrong) peddled to
    the moon and he got really high that day. Me and my pet dodo bird mourned
    his grate Tour de France lost that day. To this day I remember him every
    night as I look at jesus’s creepy ass hippy face as he stares at me on my
    bed…while he drinks his wine that 5 seconds ago was water.

  8. getoffmypage

    I’m a big online poker player and I always wanted to get involved in this.
    The giant difference between making money in poker and making money in the
    stock market, is that you lose your edge in poker as you play higher stakes
    vs better players. Every investment would have a mathematical expectation
    of 0, or even a losing expectation vs guys who are better than me.
    In the stock market, you can find edges by wisdom about business and money
    management, but your edge does not decrease as you ”go up in stakes” as it
    happens in poker.

    So there’s not really a point for me to improve my poker game. If any of
    you can give guidelines about how to find edges in the stock market (what
    to look for when I make an investment) let me know

  9. Kevin Garcia

    Is this video still helpful even though is from 2 years ago? Im only 20 nd
    im trying to learn this nd I found it very helpful but I wanna know if it
    still is 

  10. Hello_Everyone

    Decide how much risk you want to take then invest in a couple of stock and
    bond ETF’s. Done.

  11. Speedmarx

    Thank you so much for this. It might not be the only video I’ll ever need,
    but it’s certainly the first one that I’ve found useful. Good job!

  12. Big Juicer

    I appreciate the honesty at the beginning of the video saying that you have
    to be willing to loose 100% of your investment, but saying that you
    probably will isn’t right. You probably will, if you don’t know what
    you’re doing. 

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