Gold & Silver Price Rebound – Reversal or Dead-Cat Bounce?

Gold and silver prices bounced on Friday and are heading back to neutral territory. Could we see a trend-reversal soon or is this just a dead-cat bounce? htt…
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25 thoughts on “Gold & Silver Price Rebound – Reversal or Dead-Cat Bounce?

  1. weizenale

    I’m not smart enough to judge where prices will go.But i did get a great
    deal from apmex on ebay for a tube of ASE for $376.99 yesterday 🙂
    they are $448.70 today what a deal i and many other youtubers got

  2. Silver Destiny

    NO! I don’t want to see a reversal, it is not good news like you said lol.
    I want it to stay like this for 1-2 years, if lower even better!
    I want to accumulate as much as possible.
    So the more you have before it goes up the better it is.
    So just say that it’s good news that the silver is still low lol.

    PS. I commented maybe too soon as I have not yet seen the whole video, I
    apologize if did.

  3. ilhan tezel

    Is there any difference between investing gold in gold account or physical
    gold? Can Banks fraud me in future? Because, according to agreement related
    to gold account, they don’t have to give physical gold to me, can it give
    the price of gold which is much less than open market

  4. Kerris L Ravenhill

    I like to see the price go down to $12 so I can load up another tube of
    SILVER Maple leafs.

  5. LadyLibertyStacker

    I can look at it either way. My portfolio goes up very nicely when metals
    increase curbing my candy store addiction to acquiring more and more. When
    it goes down, I delight in buying more. Especially through on-line deals.
    If you buy reasonable amounts over time, your total unit cost basis
    decreases which is a good thing. It’s all about where you are in the market
    and your perspective.

  6. Cary Hawkins

    SILVER – I’m thinking it’s a dead-cat, but I’m ok with that. I would love
    it to dip down some more to make it easier to purchase. I think it will
    eventually rise again sometime over the next decade.

  7. bobbybrooner

    While it would be nice for SILVER to be on sale a little longer, I think
    we’ll all be happy when it goes up again.

  8. ChurchOfNotNothing

    I believe that SILVER will be one of the only things worth anything to
    anybody at some point in the future during my lifetime.

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