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25 thoughts on “Stock Market for Beginners

  1. Athrough Z

    I’ve never invested outside of an employer program, however I will never do
    two particular things when it comes to investing. I will never invest money
    I’m not prepared to lose, and I will never buy a stock that doesn’t pay a
    dividend. If there is no immediate opportunity of making my investment
    back, it’s not worth my investment.

  2. cowboydreaminvestor

    I made a lot of money with the help of Cowboy Dream Investing. They monitor
    nearly 5,000 stocks everyday and their stock picks are very accurate. Go
    search for them on Google.

  3. Jay Towie

    Any of you guys tried bullpips? It’s early days for me but very good
    method. Search for “bullpips” on google for info..

  4. StockTrendInvesting

    @rep1afG GTC and “good for the day” refer to the execution of the order
    itself. Long-term investing refers to taking a long-term view (years) for
    the returns on your investment. It has nothing to do with how long an order
    that you place is executable.

  5. The Tin Nguyen

    I have a question. How do you know the price of a share ? And how many
    percent that you own in the company per share ?

  6. endlessmountain

    nice video however saying the word “investment” it is most likely better to
    say “wager” and instead of “investing” it maybe better advised to state
    “gambling”. It is important for beginners to know that this is a casino
    with a skill based game like poker. The house wins on the commissions which
    “rake” might be a better word. Also what is important for investors (eek
    mean gamblers) is to pay attention until how long this game will last until
    it goes belly up. My guess is weeks 🙂

  7. MrProfessor1230

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  8. goldtradingacademy

    I know this is going to be hard to believe, but I promise you it’s 100%
    true, the price of Gold is controlled by a computer program, not by the
    free market of buying and selling. So what does this mean to you? To learn
    more check my profile and visit my website.

  9. StockTrendInvesting

    A few good tips in this video. I only don’t think that beginners should
    start with investing in individual stocks. It is much safer to start with
    investing in index funds or low-cost broad-market mutual funds. However,
    also beginners shall take the long-term trend into account when making
    their decisions on when to buy and sell. As a warning for starting to
    invest in individual stocks, see how the Nokia share price has developed
    the last few years. Just start with Trend Investing in Index Funds.

  10. gigilo159

    quick profits dont exist for beginners? i made 840 % on dil in one day i
    made 100% about 7 times on tmt.h in one day (there both Canadian stocks

  11. Azian2DaMax

    I just go on google and search the symbol and it shows the value of the
    share. I’m only 15 though and I made $522 in profits! ^_^

  12. XpEAnUTBuTtERsUckSX

    @407buddy Agreed, thats why after I sell shares i use 60% of my profit to
    invest in gold, essentialy trading nothing for a rather precious substance.

  13. HowYouhFeel

    Can Anyone help/ Message Me im 15 and i have loads of loads of notes on
    investing and all this type of stuff im starting off just reading about it
    but believe me im a amatur still dont understand fully so if anyone can
    mentor me send me valuable information that i can know to prepare me i will
    gladly apperciate it !

  14. WaterReignFire

    @rep1afG that’s for ‘trading’ but to invest on a longer term basis….You
    should do DRIP (which allows you do own them cheaper) You can do both but
    the market has change so so much that you need to pay close attention to it
    so you won’t be a victim to a ‘flash crash’ you can to the GTC (Good ‘Til
    Cancel) for 60 days & just do it over again with the same stock ’cause the
    market isn’t the same. I used to ignore the market news but investors &
    traders are so fearful it’s best to keep an eye on it.

  15. vexx506

    @InFalini you need to register with a broker assuming your investing
    online, groups like E*trade, ScottTrade, Lightspeed Trading, or Zecco. But
    if your 15 it might be difficult for you to do that, im only 19, but im
    looking into this as well.. but dont do anything until you’ve read ALOT on
    this. and if your going to buy alot of shares and plan to buy and sell
    often, you want a group like zecco that does the trades cheaper and to
    research on your own, and if your buying a ton & can use a broker

  16. cowboydreaminvestor

    If you want to learn and master the stock market, then you should visit the
    website of Cowboy Dream Investing. Their behavioral finance trading system
    takes advantage of the mistakes that other emotional investors make in
    order to produce huge profits. They’re making a lot of money… shouldn’t
    you as well?

  17. sodafromyoda

    @Ahuli28 Right, but someone over 18 would have to open that bank account
    for you, and you yourself cannot claim your assets until you turn 18 if you
    were to do that. So I guess you can trade stock if you’re under 18, but not
    with your own money.

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