Eric Sprott on Ukraine Russia War: Capital Controls, Bank Runs, Gold and Silver Forecast

Eric Sprott, CEO of Sprott Asset Management, is bullish on gold in 2014. Sprott says, “On a linear trend line, gold should be 00 right now . . . and if y…
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25 thoughts on “Eric Sprott on Ukraine Russia War: Capital Controls, Bank Runs, Gold and Silver Forecast

  1. fomalhaut

    Gold is heavily manipulated. The PPT is real. Insider information floats
    the big Wall Street players. It’s all criminal. And it’s no leap to state
    the US is now facing the biggest credibility gap in its history. If the
    Ukraine or something similar precipitates a major war, young Americans will
    refuse to fight. They won’t be coerced to put their lives on the line for
    an enterprise they know has been gaming the lives of their parents and
    those in their community. No wonder the Russians and Chinese are grinning.

  2. ColdWarWarriors

    I hope we will still be able to buy our Mosin Nagants and cheap ammo from
    Russia if there is an embargo.

  3. t4705mb6

    Good luck with your metals.

    I’m stocked up on food, blankets, weapons, ammo, medical supplies,
    cigarettes, booze, fuel, etc.

    What’s fast approaching won’t be just a “financial” collapse – it will be a
    TOTAL collapse.

    We’ll see who made the better “investments” after the you-know-what hits
    the fan.

  4. TruthWillSetUsFree

    For fans of Karen Hudes–she has named the names of the people at the top
    hiding in the shadows. She says their days (and the days of their minions)
    are numbered. The video is called THE BANKSTERS-SCENE WITH WHISTLEBLOWER
    Karen Hudes and it can be found at Edmund Druilhet’s yahoo page.

  5. lomparti

    If you look at the 2 year charts of gold and silver there has occured
    double bottoms. Fundamentals along with technicals are bullish now.

  6. dynoplasm

    At 9:55 Sprott said US obligations will not be met. Really? Why not ? If
    everyone accepts the dollar, why wouldn’t the obligation be met? It’s not
    like it cost the treasury printers anything. If Soc Sec. needs a trillion
    dollars, it can be printed as easy as a few computer strokes. It doesn’t
    matter who makes the laws, it only matters who makes the funny money, and
    who accepts it.
    Right now, even Russian politicians know that it’s stupid to dis the
    There’s a lot of talk of dollar collapse, but they are not being
    distributed to Main Street. This lack of distribution strengthens the
    dollar. The banks still are not making loans, and paid extra not to. This
    tightening of the money supply reduces and chance of hyperinflation.
    Someone correct me please.

  7. robert thaler

    they have manipulated the metals markets for years. These are small
    markets. No way this stops until the U.S. Military goes completely bust. We
    use the Military to insure our investments. People who don’t like our funny
    money just get invaded or isolated. What makes anyone even imagine that
    this monolith will implode? No way. Before gold goes to 5,000 there will be
    a massive nuclear war and it will be rendered worthless anyway. Do people
    honestly believe that in a security state, personal owners will be allowed
    to hold gold? Is everyone crazy? Its the first thing the government will
    grab should it begin to take off and can’t be capped. People who hold it
    will be labeled terrorists imo. FDR established the precedent already. The
    door is wide open for confiscation in their worst case scenario.

  8. arthur dent

    Betcha feelin just a little silly for your final comments now, eh ? You
    guys keep on underestimating the power of the “dark side” and how desperate
    people take desperate measures. People can get desperate too. Who’s gonna
    be the cavalry this time ? think back to Katrina, trust FEMA ? Who’s got
    the most guns ? The wrong people will get called in to help, the wrong
    people get lynched.

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