GTA V | How To Make Easy Money On Stock Market (During ‘The Vice Assassination’)

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25 thoughts on “GTA V | How To Make Easy Money On Stock Market (During ‘The Vice Assassination’)

  1. David Fields

    Guys your best bet is to wait till the end of the game when you get the 15
    million from “The Big One” Heist, and invest this into the assassination
    missions, keep in mind you don’t have to do any missions to continue with
    the game, so if I was you I wouldn’t do any of the missions no matter what
    until the end of the game and you’ll go from 16 million to 30 million on
    the first assassination mission, then from 30 million to about 55 million
    on the second, then 55 to 100 million on the third then 100 million to 200
    million on the fourth, then 200 million to about 390 million on the fifth
    and final mission.
    The stocks that are relevant to the assassination missions are listed below
    for your benefit…

    Instead of waiting for the price to change, go up or whatever, the thing
    you can do is go to your safe house & then go to your bed & when you press
    right on the D-Pad it will pop up asking you if you want to save, this is
    sleeping for 6 hours, what you want to do is press B then go to the bed
    again & do same thing, press B, then go to the bed ONE more time, so it’ll
    be 3 times total, anymore than 3 times and the price begins to drop down it
    will not increase anymore.. Each time you “sleep” in the bed it is 6 hours
    of game time, so you resting for 18 hours is the best results possible
    instead of sitting around waiting for the price to go up this is the
    fastest possible solution.

    1) Hotel Assassination – BetaPharmaceuticals (BAWSAQ)
    2) The Multi Target Assassination – Debonaire (LCN)
    3) The Vice Assassination – Fruit (BAWSAQ)
    4) The Bus Assassination – Don’t invest until after the mission due to the
    fact that I think the stock price drops & then you invest while the price
    is down by a lot..
    5) The Construction Assassination – GoldCoast (LCN)

    I will probably be making a video soon of everything I know about the game
    the best tips possible about the game that I know of…

  2. IamPandaOllie

    Wait till u complete the big score and choose which option to pick as
    franklin (choose death wish because devin western is a prick) once you got
    ur money do the second Lester assassination mission coz the hotel
    assassination u need to do to complete the campaign. Then invest all ur
    money into what ever Lester tells you but when u do the multi target
    assassination mission after u done the mission and sold debonnaire invest
    all your money into redwood and sleep 8 or so times and you will get a lot
    of money when you sell redwood

  3. KerrDogga

    i’m having a problem, i can’t invest all my money into fruit with trevor
    only, but if i reduce the investment by one share it works? i played
    through the game once before and never had this problem

  4. MOYZ92

    The assassination mission ‘construction assassination’ gives like a 50%+
    increase in whatever shares you invest i made like 400k on that mission. i
    did make a video but no ones watched it lol. i wish i had invested in all
    the companies.

  5. VividDivas

    you forgot to mention the most important thing. you can invest before the
    mission with ALL THREE characters and make money for all of them!

  6. bountypkz

    is there a way to do to this because ive already done the mission will it
    work if you replay the mission

  7. Airbornerock

    Can you do the rest of the assassination missions because on the next one
    it says to invest afterwards or after the mission help, that doesn’t make

  8. Ben Tasker

    no you kill the CEO of a rival company so the fruit stock goes up and the
    company whos CEO you killed goes down

  9. Jelly IQ

    Question(Which is probably obvious): Obviously you mentioned investing with
    all three characters, can you do that on every mission like this, as
    obviously you have the earlier video doing this on the earlier mission, but
    that is during the mission, whereas this is before it.

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