Crazy SIlver Prices

An investment in silver is profitable even in the short term. This customer made good money even before he touched his order. Beautiful 100 oz englehard bars.

9 thoughts on “Crazy SIlver Prices

  1. AgdrAgon999

    @mgagliano1982 – not really because he would only be losing money if he
    sells it. Anyway, try finding any physical bullion for $35/oz. I sincerely
    doubt that you will because there’s none to be found at that price,

  2. MrPointspread

    Yep regardless of if it went down or up before he took delivery,The point
    still stands that the Volatility of the spotprice is insane and the only
    way dealers are trying to avoid this is through higher premiums. Apmex is
    pretty much the “gold standard” for North American Price’s and they have
    took there Eagles from as low as $2 a year ago to now wanting over $3 over

  3. mgagliano1982

    true but today silver went down to under 35 an oz so he actually is loosing
    money…..but the price is volatile these days and it is going to go back
    up real soon im are right though, profits are made quickly these
    days with silver .

  4. Inachu Ikimasho

    stupid question so would the silver price be fixed just in USA or different
    in other countries? Just owndering if I could buy low in asia and sell high
    in USA.

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